Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cause baby, you are the one.

Just a short update before I head to bed.

I guess that my life is really boring that I have nothing much to update about anymore. It's proven from the number of loss of reader. Somehow, I never feel like giving up on blogging. I just want to keep this blog going on , so I could read back my past and realized the mistakes I have done. And of course, to remind myself to not forgive people who put me through deep shits before. I really don't want to go through those kind of moments anymore.

And oh yay, I'm finally a legal driver.


I have like 3 incidents in two days , fml.

So last friday, instead of eating with Mingli as usual. I went with my classmates as we have something to do together. They brought me to this real nice place which is quite far away from college - if walking distance. It serves good spaghetti and most of all, the ambiance is really nice. It would be really romantic to have dinner at night for the couples, but I'm sure that it's going to cost a bomb. But, the lunch set for students is really really reasonable.

The bow :p

It's actually bright orange, haha.

And nice mirror in the restaurant?

too tempting!

Hi :p

A new way to camwhore , LOL.

Carmen & Carmen.

Everytime I call her, I feel like I'm calling myself . LOL.

eyebags -.-

The colour of my bow under the pretty lightnings in the restaurant.

It's even more prettier , in real.

Sometimes, it's amazing how iphone HDR could take such nice pictures. The spaghetti look so yummy TT. I chose cream cabonara. I guess, I'll try to try another flavor the next time. Oh yeah, the set comes with a soup, a drink and dessert! How awesome right?

Couldn't help it.

You don't know the stare they gave me when they see me camwhoring.

But oh well,
goodnight loves.