Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dancing on my own.

Semester exam is less than a month time and yet, I haven't start on econs yet. I really can't remember anything about law. Maths is the worst. I can't even do function. I am seriously screwed up and I definitely need somebody to tutor me. I should just talk to my classmates about it instead.

And what I really want now is,
to go to bed on time.

I'm so sick of insomnia kicking in, in the middle of the night and feel half-zombie the next day.

The ever first time I apply eyeliner to college. 

My eyes was really puffy and really, I look so freaking terrible. I have opened up the new brown colour lens I bought not long ago and it turns out to cause irritation to my eyes. I always wear 16mm and above for colour lenses but this brown one was only 14mm. It doesn't fit my pupil though and it dries up real fast. I guess, I should not purchase it anymore.

I bought violet colour but I feel so reluctant to wear it though. 

I think violet colour is a little bit too much plus it gives me a big eye effect.

I don't want to scare people away or give them any heart attack though. 

So glad that we have holidays on tuesdays, it's labour day btw.

Out with the one and only 12 years best friend. And basically, we are really childhood friends. We see each other grow up and so glad that we have overcome every obstacles. I'm so sick of those who just sticks around for a little while and leave when they realized that we don't click anymore. 

I just wonder why can't people just accept their friends for who they are. Isn't that a little easier than just hold up grudges and throw all the tantrum at one shot? If people decide to accept things the way it is , there would be less argument and more peaceful world, no? Just don't get how immature people goes , sometimes. What's so hard being honest ? Putting on mask in the friendship is just plain nonsensical to me. 
I wasn't specifically referring to anyone. If you feel offended , you must be guilty or something.

And ,
this is mingli 
(lmao so odd)

Believe or not, we were stuck in pyramid's parking for more than half an hour. We were dead hungry that we could just bite off anything we can see.

And off we go to Kimgary!

We always go there, since long time ago.

And off we go to shopping until our legs break.

There's nothing much to elaborate. I bought quite a number of stuff though.
K, I lied. I bought ALOT of stuff and now, I'm broke. When I say I'm broke means I really do not have enough money until the end of the month and I'm not allowed to ask anymore. I spend my allowance on the first day of the month, how smart right?

Off to tarbush to chill , *cough shisha cough*

so cute :p

Got home really late though and I wasn't feeling well at all.

And the other day at college.

I'll just post up whatever I have in my phone.

between breaks.

And on Wordpress Day. We were asked to wear black and was really happy that I got to wear my new shorts. It was only 50bucks though :p



I was trying hard to look like a college girl.

And you know what,
that black frame specs is a cheat one :p It wasn't with lens.

I totally hate it with lens since the lens always gimme headache so I bought it without lens. It's 18bucks. I actually got the other one but then I broke it. It was so pretty and it's only 13bucks. The curve is too far away for me to travel there.

And had lunch at some kopitiam with the fried rice.

Trust me,
although the environment sucked alot but the rice was really good. Much more better than I expected.

with specs


without .

I guess, 
I really have to trim my brows lol.

And favorite picture for the day,

love you guys.

ps Readers was increasing as well :p