Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Forever be my world.

Just a short update to keep my blog alive.

I realized that,
I have not enough time for everything even studies. 

I slacked too much so I decided to stay home last weekend and all I read was a chapter of econs which didn't even help at all. I have so many more chapters to go for law and haven't even flip a page of business first. I guess I should just off my phone the entire month or put it on silent or something. There are not much time left and honestly, I'm getting paranoid TT

To take a 'break' from studies ( 1 chapter of econs which is chapter one wtf) ,
my aunt and I decided to hang out at pavillion. Little Venice did tag along too and have I told you that both of us never get along. I'm going to be eighteen in less than a month time and I still argue with a 5 year old kid wtf. The worst thing is , I lost -.-

But oh well,
camwhore shots in the car.

Hi, eyeliner! :p

favorite spec frame :p

I have more pictures in my phone but I don't think that, your time would worth them.

We reached there around 430pm.

That's because my family NEVER wakes up early , except for my grandma and maid. The earliest we wake up is 12pm and the latest might be in the evening. I woke up at 6pm before and I slept at 12 the night before. No joke. And, another thing is we are never punctual..unless there are something really really important though.

Off to tokyo street since I was craving for ramen.

Those look where people just stare at you when you act all tourist TT

Didn't settled for ramen though and instead, something better. 

Suki-Ya for dins.

It's like sukiyaki that you find in Jap restaurant but this time , there is a free flow of beef, lamb and chicken. The side ingredients are unlimited , although there are only a few varieties. The sushi was awesome and the best thing they have is the roasted rice flavored ice-cream. Gosh, I ate 3 wtf.

when I feel depressed or so , I used to eat 7 scoops of ice cream. 
maybe more lol.


the awesome Ice cream I was talking about.

And toilet break?

And to think back,
I used to love striking colours and although I still do, I do not really wear them anymore. I just don't want to be too outstanding in college wtf. People in college normally wear clothes in dark colours or simple attire which gives them alot of comfort. I really wish that I could have all design of jerseys and different basketball jersey or whatever it is and wear them to college everyday. It's so hard to just go around to find one nice shirt. Plus, my wardrobe had never been tidy since 2 months ago. It's freaking overloaded ):

Need to really touch up my hair soon TT

and after hanging around , shopping or so.

Juice Works!

It's definitely better than starbucks. It's healthier , more cheaper and of course , I do not feel very sick of the creamy taste. It's really refreshing too.

Try waterworks! 


wish me luck for driving test tmr TT