Friday, February 24, 2012

Set fire to the rain.

Sorry for not blogging properly for a long time.

I always come home late everyday. The earliest time I have reached home is around 6pm and the latest is before midnight. I don't even have anytime to read my textbooks. I think I am just going to screwed up everything. I do not have any tuition and anyone to teach me. To be frank, I am never independent in studies. Guess that I have to learn to grow up now. 

And you know what,
I have 4 test next week.

I am probably dead by the end of next week.

Something awful happened today and I never feel so bad in my life before. Bad , not as in guilty. Bad as in, I feel like I'm the worst person on earth that deserve no one or perhaps I am really lack of attention today. I feel extra tired today and even fell asleep. I don't even know why I feel so tired every single day.

And the worst thing that happened today is,
I feel so left out today. I know that I am always fine with last minute plan but I'd prefer you tell me at least an hour or two in advance. I hate how people doesn't confirm plans with me. It's okay if I didn't ask and that they do not inform me but the point is I couldn't stop asking about it and yet, noone bother to answer me. I hate that they keep asking me to ask someone else. Like seriously, it's just a yes or no question. Why do things have to be so freaking complicated? It's just a freaking outing, really. We are not in highschool anymore. We don't give stupid reasons to hide the fact that we don't want to go. Please.

I spend sometime alone with a freaking cup of taro milk tea at chatime. Yes, alone. I never been alone for a quite sometime because there will be at least one person to be there. I sat there for like a whole hour but thank god that a friend came for me.

It's beyond disappointment.

Those who are there to witness this would know what the fuck am I talking about. Instead of saying that I am angry, I would like to say that I am very disappointed about it. But what is done, is done.

Should get over it.

And there are some pictures from college the other day.

I was very happy with my checker outfit :p

Small boy Henry :p



And then group pictures,

Lost Edmund.

And guess what,
I just camwhored directly infront of the teacher. She shook her head and walk away. It was fine, I guess. Since we are doing group work for some presentation thingy. I didn't even do anything other than copying the info and write it on the paper. Plus, my handwriting sucked a whole lot so yeah. I literally spend all the time disturbing people, yelling across the class and asking people to camwhore with me.

At least,
I didn't sleep right? (:

pretty Christine. 


And let's end the post with,

this kid again.

much loves.