Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm no longer your muse.

I just bothered to transfer all the pictures from my phone and camera to my computer. I have more pictures with the others but they didn't bother to post up so I don't think I wanna wait anymore longer. 

college is no fun at all.

I think I used to rely on my tutor too much that I can't even do anything myself right now. I seriously feel like a failure right now. I really need to brush up with everything. I have to stick to my classmates more since they're so patient to me. Sigh :/ This is just bad , for me.

And a week ago, I received.


all the way from uk, from the bitch (:

And the other day,
KokWeng came and fetch me with his brand new car.

And guess what,

Got dolled up and then hopped into his new car. Then, headed to Shawnam's house to visit him for CNY. As you know,it was still CNY period so yeah. more angpaus! :p

In Kokweng's new car!



Look at the plastic bag covering the back seat.

I never been a first passenger in a friend's car before though! :p

2k headset.

I'll never spend this much on a headset.

I want to own one too ! ):

From TGIF,

you have no idea how tasty it is maaaaan!

The next day after that , 
woke up early and then meet everyone up at my house . We skipped from one house to one house to visit people all around. 

And then,
headed to JaeSern's house to give him his surprise party and surprisingly, the outcome was better than expected.

Oh well, everyone was very very happy and I'm very lazy to elaborate it. It was really a good day.


And at JaeSern's place,

And finally,
we reached the nineth day of the CNY. This is a tradition my family does every cny to worship the god :p

And ,
my dad and uncle spent so much on firecrackes.

The total bill was crazy!

and, it's getting late now. 

I should head to bed.