Friday, February 17, 2012

When you were mine.

I am finally back with few pictures from college with the classmates.

It took a quite sometime for me to really get close to the classmates though. I'm so glad that my class isn't boring at all and everyone is so fun. I love how they celebrate birthday for a few of my classmates already. College is really okay but the schooling hours is just as long as srikl. 

I hate wednesday's timetable the most because I only have an hour break and my college ends at freaking 4pm. 

Almost every single day after college, I will be at ac with the bunch for pool. I don't really play though because I suck at it, alot. I can't even aim properly D:

Almost every single week, I have small tests and all my marks is never higher than half of the full mark. I seriously have to start being hardworking. Omg, I have been saying that for the past few weeks already.

I'm dead for a levels.

There's one fine day, I just went to college with a tshirt and a knee length loose shorts and my very ugly specs. Everyone just look at me at one of a kind. In the same day itself , 5 people told me that they're very disappointed in me for being like this TT

And my classmates,

Yes, Lisa is in my class :p



The forever funny, amylia (: love her to bits.

Jacinth !


the badass, Marcus.

I'll be right back.