Sunday, February 19, 2012

You wake up to my sunset.

I don't know to explain this.

I feel so contented right now, of everything. You don't know how much this feeling is getting into me. The problem is, I don't hate this feeling at all.

I don't know why but I feel so complete when I see you. I feel so fine when we are just sitting with each other, talking about nothing or maybe worst, just stoning. I don't know how to put how it feels like in words. I know this sound stupid but when you're around, things seems to be different and to be better. I love the way you try, I love the way you put the words together. I feel so uncomfortable that I don't see you, even if it's just a day. I don't even feel afraid of disappointments now. I feel so happy that I have priority and even have a place in your heart, right now.

It's so hard to describe this.

I don't know where it is going to bring me to 
I don't want this to end.