Sunday, December 12, 2010

You think I'm funny when I got the punchline wrong.

Just got my comp fixed );

I was hoping it would actually break down
so that I could get a laptop.
Oh, dream crushes );

I have been spending most of my time
on Khuntoria on We got Married.
They're awesome!

This is the second couple I would prefer
the most out of the three of them.
First is Jokwon and Gain, they're just so cute!
Not because they're always corny and lovely
but they always argue over little things
and do stupid things together .
For a mo, I really hope they're real!

Then of course Nickhun and Victoria.
They made up KhunToria. Ah, they're so cheezy.
Couldn't get enough of them fyi.

Lastly, YongSeo Couple which is
YongHwa and Seohyun.
I do not like to watch them being together!
Because I get jealous everytime when they
do cheezy things together, I even got mad
and just off my computer and goes to sleep!
I like YongHwa more than I've imagine OK!

I really like Seohyun outside being alone.
But when it comes together with Yonghwa,KENOT.
I cannot even bare to see their pictures together,
it makes me feel so jealous , mad and etc etc!
Yonghwa just treat her so nice and she's like
so innocent and cute . OMG, KENOT LIKE HER.

Oh chill :D phewww.

I am trying hard to find HyunJoong on WGM tho.
Heard that it was nice. Ah, world wide web! help me?

Okay back.

A few pictures from the last outing.


Toilet Break.

Sushi Zenmai!

We actually watch Harry Potter.

I don't really fancy it tho.
Not a fan of Harry Potter.
So, I didn't understand -.-

The only thing I remembered is,
Donniena stayed at my house till 1030pm.
And we actually have a heart to heart talk
in between the both of us.
It's really awesome.

Celebrated Grandma's bday ytd.

I hated my camera so much ytd idk why.
I want a new one !

I can't wait for