Monday, December 6, 2010

Love the season , Love your smile.

I'm now lying on my bed , doing my aqua masque
from The Face Shop bought a week ago.
And, my face feel so cooling now.
Probably maybe if the mosquito hits my face,
then it will bounce back because it's too bouncy
since it have absorb so much water from the masque.

HAHAHHAAH joke -.-

This is not the first time me blogging about
how mad am I going to a celebrity's event.
Fahrenheit is coming next year, fyi.
So , no Calvin today and this will actually
be the first time. Okay, the 'officially' first time
me blogging about other boys than Calbaby.
He wouldn't mind it because I'm fully loyal :D

And the reason,
I'm using the masque now on my face is because of


I believe that most of the girls know him,
or even guys . This charming flower boy , oh well. (;

I bought a few products and then got tickets
to get to see him close up , just like in the picture.
I do not need to zoom that far , at all.
But before me standing so close to him ,
of course there's a 'dramatic' story behind it.
As usual right?

I woke up at 6.30am when I got a morning call from Mingli.
She came to my house around 7.09am.
I remember the time because I was so tense and ,
I check the time every minute. I swear it's every .. minute.
And then Xiuming reach around 7.42am.

We left the house around 7.50am or so for some reasons.
Got a cab and went to Kelana Jaya LRT station
then, headed to KL Central.

I was quite excited and so yeaah.

Reach KL Central and had McD for breakfast!
it tasted real good especially with the
omgwtfbbq-i'm-gonna-see-hyunjoong-later feeling.

After the breakfast , we quickly took a cab to Pavillion
because I was afraid that we'll be late and so on.
And turns out, we're one of the earliest.
Everyone else was like , WHY SO EARLY FOR?! -.-

Then we went to toilet and hahahah ?

hyunjoong's angels wtf.

Went to a coffee shop, bought cookies
and then booked a place which is near to the
entrance and sat down.

After awhile, Mingli and I went in to
buy some snacks and drinks to pass time.
It was only ten fyi. And he's coming at five -.-
ten , eleven twelve...*fingers counting*

Natalie came after that to meet us up.
And then, we started talking .
I'm so glad that it's not that awkward.
We talked about kpops.
Korean boys , of course and then,
we praised hyunjoong like crazy mad fan.

After a while, we're put into groups
so that the management could manage us easier.

There's a women asking us what ticket we bought
and actually told us that we could go in
but we're gonna stand in the last railing.
We were kind of upset at first but it's okay,
As long as we're in the railing .

It was drizzling and so yeah,
umbrellas to the rescue.

After a while, another woman with a super 'white' face.
I swear her face was white in colour .
I bet she didn't put on BB cream first before
she put on the pancake powder!
Why the face shop never supply one!

She told us that, we're not allow to be in the railing
because only the other ticket price and the lucky winners could.
All of us got so pissed off and girls who is sitting infront
and behind of us was feeling the same too.
So, Mingli actually fight for us like a superwoman.
She kind of argued with the girl
but then, she quite ignore us and walk away.
Before she does that, she ask us to wait for further notice.

So , we waited for a quite sometime.

We couldn't help it and then we go and ask again.
Then, they tell us to register our name at the counter
at 2.30pm and so, we 'might' have a chance to go in.
So we patiently waited again.

We asked another woman and she told us that,
we are not allow to go in at all and it's the final
decision. We actually got so pissed off about that
and keep throwing tantrum at the woman.
The two girls at the back even say that ,
The face shop 'bluffed our love towards HyunJoong Oppa'.
HAHAHAHAHHAHA but, it's true what!

And 2.30pm , we got to redeem our free gift.
It was only a poster of hyunjoong oppa and a face masque.

I expected them to give a plastic bag with hyunjoong's face TT

We got our gifts but noone informed us whether we can go in
or not and we all got so tense and sad and emo and whatever
emotions you could think off. Everything was so sad,that time.
And the two college girls infront of us actually made friends
with us and so, she ask us to just squeeze in through the crowd
and bang those people in or something.

One of them even poured a lil water on the cop on the postcard
and hope that the green colour of the cop could stain on our
hand. I even suggested us to go the outlet of face shop
inside pavillion and grabbed their nail polish in green
to put in on our hand and faked as a chop.
We were so freaking desperate to freaking get in!

Mingli gave me a green colour balloon.
She ask us to say that we're in the Triple S fan club
and said we forget to get the cop on our hand.
This will be our last resort thing to get in there.

This is the balloon I am talking about.

Don't ask me why am I posting at that time.

I swear that the situation was worse than you can imagine.

Seriously why are we still posing for cameras?

So , we stand infront of the entrance thing
hoping that we could sneak in through the crowd.

We were all looking like zombies.
We were so upset and mad at the face shop
and even got crazy and keep blaming on hyunjoong.
I scolded the poster and they were like looking at me TT

After awhile, the woman with the white face
came back and count us .
She ask us to go get our name registered and
the cop order to get in.

All of us was like O.O and look at her.
She quickly ask us to go to the counter.

We got so excited like zombie come back to life.
We line up and registered and got our chop.
The moment when the women cop my hand,
my heart was beating so fast and yes, and in
my mind , everything is about flowers at the
background and then Hyunjoong smiling
and say annyeonghaesaeyo. Damn TT :D:D

And the best thing is,

We got VIP cops!

Let me repeat,

It means that we're standing infront.
Damn, doubled up the excitement I'm feeling
inside me and I really couldn't wait till he comes!

I am happy girl then :D

Look at those smiles :D:D:D:D

Then, we quickly line up infront of the entrance,
planning to be in the first row!


Waited and keep singing BOF and Playful Kiss OST.
And then, got so frustrated because it's still
another hour and the half for him to come.
Still not feeling good standing outside the railing tho.
Ah ); faster let us in!

look at the faces :p

Around 425pm , the people let us in.
And quickly, we got into the railing.
I'm like at the second or third row from the front.
Ah, and the view was absolutely awesome.

Of course, compared to the times
when I see Fahrenheit it's abit further.
Oh well, it's because during Fahrenheit's event,
I'm always at the first row and the earliest.
But no complaints to the place we stand,
it was actually quite near. Maybe 15 steps away?

And I only click zoom two times.

I don't understand why those people who created
camera actually make it look further from the screen
when it's actually quite near in real. Ah!

Oppppppppaaaaaa , sarangannda :D

We waited for so freaking long.
I keep asking people for time , every five minutes.

Around 45opm , the people already
asked us to control our emotions.
And then the very 'youknowlah' smile
start appearing on my face.

Expected him to come at least half an hour late tho.
But you know what ,
this cute fella came on time!


Fahrenheit's always an hour late
because the fans was really crazy.
I was so surprise that HyunJoong's fans
didn't have much reaction tho.
Yelling, screaming and shouting .
We guys tapao-ed it all.

Everyone was so calm, wtf.

His arrival (;

I still remember that I went,


He was so polite and really, for a mo I actually
imagine him holding a sword sitting on a black horse
and then run through the woods by cutting off the torns
to the castle! Just like what happen to sleeping beauty!
He really look that good (; you know!

I am really envy at the translator.
'envy', you see because I know that
I will never get to stand beside him in real.
He looks the same like we see in tv screens
or pictures. Okay fine, maybe a little different
because he is so hot! :D


Have I told you guys that I've got a thing
when I see guys wiping their sweat and
pushing their fringes away from their face?!

To be honest,
I've never seen a guy acting so polite
and gentlemen in real life before.

Even Calvin's not like that!
Calvin laughed so loudly and actually,
do not really care about his image that much.
But Hyunjoong , doesn't really have any big
emotions or reactions towards fans.

I was shouting like some crazy woman
and he keep waving and smiling to the
order side of the stage! HMPH!!

And, I never failed to get reactions from stars.
He's the first one and I actually feel hurt.


Ah, hyuunnnnjoooooong D:

But then , when he smiles.
Okay , the wound in my heart healed then.
His teeth is so white and omgosh , that smile
totally kill us all. And everyone was like shouting
when he smile. unfortunately, I didn't get pictures
when he smile. He doesn't smile that frequently , pfft.

He was baek seung jo -ing all the way.



Call me insane or what ,
I like to see boys wiping their sweat! :D


I bet the translator feels so happy too.
She got to stand beside him and talk to him.
And he actually bend down to hear her.
As if , his ears is only for her. OMG OMG SO JEALOUS!

If I were her, I would just kiss his face
and run down the stage .
Why run down the stage?
So that, the fans down the stage couldn't attack me.

Then he start the signing autograph thing.
I was so emo when I wasn't chosen D:

Just imagine him , looking down
and signing then look up again ,
into your eyes and smile at you.
It's like , his smile is only for you . omg D:


That woman was so freaking lucky!
She got chosen from so many of us.
She have a solo picture with him omg!

Told you that the translator likes him too.
Look at those horny eyes looking at him.
Just like a beast wanting to eat him up alive!

But couldn't blame her also rigghht.
He's just so hot.
It would be a sin if you take your eyes of him.

I got something to confess.
I look at him , I couldn't actually hear a sound
from the background and I swear the background
is blank. I could see his face so clearly and damn,
you have no idea how much I want to tear
off his clothes whenever he start smiling! :D

Yes, keep talking. Your voice ftw :D

And look at the translator,
she's still looking. SO CLOSE.

And in all the videos I watched
before he acted as Jihoo in BOF,
he's so wild and crazy.
But in real , he's so polite and gentleman.

Deeply inside, i actually hope he would be
wild and crazy a little bit or maybe more friendly
and wave and keep smiling non stop.
Because him being that polite looks a little
fake to me tho.

it doesn't even matter.

He's just know :D:D

And just being random,
he's known as the 'prettiest' guy.

HyunJoong Oppa Moshisoyeo.Na jeongmal jeongmal saranghae.Jin Sim Imida!

He left after signing.

I was quite emo back then.
I keep thinking about him when he smile and so on.

Sigh :/
I actually feel my heart dropping down
to my stomach. It sucks.

After he went into the car and left.
I actually feel so tired in a sudden.
When he comes up the stage and everything,
I don't feel tired at all!
Before that, I keep moaning about the face shop
and then complain complain and complain.

after he left , I actually feel like it's not that worth it
because he show up like only 30minutes time?

Maybe it's because last time Fahrenheit is not like that.
They show up at least two hours and when Calvin smile,
omg , wait for a week also worth it !
Plus, he always talk to me and ask !
Jiro also D: OMG OMG OMG.

oops, sorry.
Back to there.

I was really sad then .

We took a cab and go home.

Got shower and in the shower,
I keep thinking about HyunJoong.
Just HyunJoong .
I wish I was the girl acting in Playful Kiss.

just imagine he push you down to the sofa
and kiss you :D:D

I manage to attend my family dinner.
We went to klang , Coconut flower.
I don't fancy the food there .

The whole dinner,
I keep thinking about HyunJoong.

My mum ask me about it
and then I told her and everything.
I showed her his picture and then , she smile
and say , this boy is so pretty and he's too
pretty to live in this world.
So I went on smiling smiling with her.

After that, she potong-ed me and say ,
I wonder how much he paid to the surgeon
to actually fix this face.

My face from :D:D to -.-

I asked her to compare Calvin and HyunJoong.
She said, based on my description..
she say I like Calvin alot from than HyunJoong.

And the best thing she ever say that night was,
Calvin looks better in a way . At least, we know
that he's not plastic and he fly kiss to you before.

But inside,
I was still thinking about HyunJoong.
And the whole entry ,
I'm thinking about him and feel quite sad.
Can't believe that he already left Malaysia.

But ,

HyunJoong Oppa, Hwaiting! :D

Na HyunJoong Oppa Chu'a aeyo.


p.s And now, I miss Calvin so much and for a mo, I hope that the one on stage is Calvin instead of HyunJoong, shhhh (;
p.p.s I think I'm quite in love with Park Jung Min (; he better not take over Cal.shh shh shh. xD