Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let me be the one for all your answers.

Annyeonnghasaeeeyoooo (;

Went out the other day with the bunch
but unfortunately no pictures captured.
Ah, everyone was so into the talking session.

I'm sick D:
I feel so tired everytime.

I spend most of my time on korean stuff lately.
LOL stuff . I mean like, shows , dramas and other things.
Main attraction : SS501 .
Ah, I couldn't get enough of them lately.
And also , I have no specifically like anyone.
I love all of them.

I'm like trying to figure out which one I prefer
the most just like how other people do.
But all of them are so awesome, you know.

We'll get back to that later.

The other camwhore night with Chloe.

dammmn ! :D

And , I swear I didn't ask her to do that. She always do that when I never ask her to do a specific pose.


I don't know why. This is pretty :D

she look quite good.
I mean, very good.

Just some random day we just feel like
dressing up and snap pictures.

aw (; (L)

As I said just now,

Ah this group seriously drive me nuts
right after Fahrenheit.

And of course Fahrenheit have their thing in their
own ways . It's so hard to deny that they lasted quite
long and four of them is still very popular.
Even babyCal whom everyone said that doesn't deserve
to be in Fahrenheit is already at the peak of his work.
Now, Fahrenheit needs him too so I guess those who
insult him should zip it already :D loserrrr~!

I should stop putting Fahrenheit in the middle
of the spotlight everytime when comes to these.

I found my new love(s) other than Fahrenheit.

!!!! :D:D:D

Ah damn hot , can!

I love all of them.

My heart almost stop for this picture.

Heo Yeong Saeng .

I'm not sure about his name. I 've watch the videos since they debuted until recently. He changed so much. Yeah , maybe he was under the 'CMI' group but now he's also CMI, CAN make it. Look at the first picture. I seriously cannot stand boys wearing that kind of clothes sitting like this. Maybe he's not the eye catching one in the group but he definitely have quite alot of fans among the members.

Nickname ,

To be honest ,
he really does look like a royalty to me. He doesn't talk much and every movement of his seems to be so elegant. I can't find any word to describe other than 'elegant'. Although the other members say that he would wear a short pants , holding the bread and remote on his hand and lie down like an ajussi then laugh like there's no tomorrow -.- Ah damn potong.
But it doesn't matter ,
over all , he still look good and his voice damn omgwtfbbq. I couldn't even sing
his line in Love Like This , the pitch is too high.

OverAll his rating to me is ,


(5 stars , consider full)
Call him,
PRINCE yeong saeng , please.

ps. Don't worry , Mingli. He's all yours. :p

(L) ! omoooooo .

Park Jung Min.

The first one who caught my eye in SS501 and indeed the most unique looking one. To be honest, his features is not perfectly perfect but it matches well. He's so open , daring and ridiculous. He just take the role of being funny just like Calvin in Fahrenheit. He's a bit bitchy compare to the others and little bit moody. Okay, not little bit.It's quite alot. You just have to see him get mad sometimes , it's seriously very cute. He stuff himself carrots everyday and the members call him , MAL (horse) LMAO.

Have you met people bite and scratch people when someone wakes them up?
There, this fella does.
He pulled baby hyungjun's hair , bit leader hyunjoong's hand and kicked kyujong's waist. He have leg odor and he wears toe socks! HAHAHAH (L) How unique right.

Nickname ,
Sexy Charisma .

I know right?! It's like so perasan but he's definitely worth the call. His movement , his face and his body is definitely sexy. He's one of the kind that likes to do sexy body wave. I died when I see him dancing sexy dance. It attracts me like crazy. And he said that people always say he looks like a pervert or a very girly witch look.
I kind of think so.

When he put on eyeliner , he's seriously very sexy. You can just watch Love Like This music video. I have a crush on him cause of that video. His movement and everything , seems to be so charismatic to me. And everytime I see him do something, my heart definitely skips a beat. I can't wait for his solo album next year tho. I've watch the mv teaser , it's all eyeliner-ed and the smell of sexy charisma is so strong. Ah, can;t wait!

I rate him ,


His name is ,
Sexy Charisma Jung Min.

girls , stop screaming pls!

Kim Hyun Joong.

I'm sure all of you is familiar with this boy already. He brought up the name of SS501 and he's always the brightest that get everyone's attention. He's always the center of attention due to his looks. Maybe we feel sorry for the other members but it's quite hard to deny that he's hot , cute, good looking or whatever positive thing you are having in your mind now to describe a guy. At first, I think he looks weird with his gold long hair which he have in BOF but of course, he's still looking good. I like it when it's abit curly.

Take note,
he's not romantic at all. He's not the YoonJiHoo you watch in BOF and nothing like BaekSeungJo you watch in Mischievous Kiss. I can hear it crashing, oh well.

I just finished we got married between him and hwang bo . He just potong-ed every line she say to him and actually turn something romantic to something funny. Couldn't deny that he's cute and he's so pretty. His features and everything is love. Ah, seriously why so hot ? );

He changed quite alot from the times he have debuted. His nose job and his chin really shaped up his face and everything of his is like sparkling already. Not to mention, he have a hot body. He have square man boobs! MUAHAHAHAH :D He looks really good but unfrotunately , his personalities is weird. When he smile , you feel like the whole world stops for a second just to look at him. I'm not being exaggerating , it's true. Sometimes when I come across to his pictures, I would actually take a second look and then stare at it at least 3 second. When he smile, I can't even feel my heartbeat , I don't know why. It's weird but it gives me a minor stomach ache. When he doesn't smile, I think he's so cool . Ah , I'd die if this keep happening.

Leader .

I name him leader. People name him dog or ox. He looks like none to me. He look like a prince to me la omg! I like to see him in white , he reminds me of prince charming sitting on a white horse and then come with so perfectly through lavender and stop infront of me. And if he's in black, he's just like the a knight in black metal suit that we always see in cartoons with a black sword on a black fierce horse coming through the woods to save you.Okay, I actually imagined that. oh well, fantasies.

He deserve a


Deep down inside us girls , we know he deserve that.

Prince Charming or Dark Knight?
Up to you.


Kim Hyung Joon.

Please differentiate the name. I've a thing when you can't differentiate their name. I do not know why I get all moody when you guys mix up their name. They're completely different person and their personalities and looks is so different. He and Wuchun seriously look quite alike but their age is a serious gap. He never did anything to his face so in exact , he's really good looking. I have no idea why people always say his younger brother , Kim Ki Bum which is a member of UKISS looks better than him.
To me, HyungJoon is so much better!

I wonder if anyone pay attention on him when he's together with his members. He's always the one trying to get more camera time and get more attention. The audience's attention is always on the elder ones of the group. But who really actually take a good look at him. Oh well, proud to say I did. Infact I love to see him trying so hard and got ignored and then keep trying. Being youngest of the member is quite a sad thing. He always get bullied by the elder ones and he claimed that he's like a toy to them. I love the way he smile and being careless about how people treat him.
I really feel the heartache in him but I'm not sure he feels the same tho. Everytime they bully him, I really feel like going to them and shout at them. You may think I'm mad but really, he should be loved! Not being pushed around like a toy. I get mad at Sexy Charisma JungMin for bullying for an hour before. I don't like it!

I'm looking forward for his solo career. I want to see him act because deeply inside , I want him to actually shine brighter than the others. I could his effort which he have put into everything he does but every single time , the effort of his is always covered by jungmin's charismatic moves , hyunjoong's hotness , yeongsaeng's voice and kyujong's kindness. He hardly be the center of attention. I do not know why the girls doesn't choose him and all their votes will be on hyunjoong. Yes, hyunjoong is madly awesome but hyungjoon have put in as much effort as hyunjoong does.
So, the noonas of him in korea . Please take a look at him?

He's cute , adorable and funny. Nether less , he's handsome!

Nickname ,

He's the youngest of the group and everytime he act cute , it's really very adorable. And sometimes I do mistaken him as wuzun. To me , it would be weird if wuzun do that.

Baby , you ftw okay!

I give you ,


for all your efforts! saranghae :D

Call him ,
Maknae or BabyJoon.. :D

Kim Kyu Jong.

New love , haha. I got attracted to him due to his kindness. He's always patience , kind and he tolerate the most. He's so humble too. I've never see a star that humble before. And I know that he's not just pretending. He loves his family so much. you can go google KyuJong family portrait and seriously, he have a very very cool parents. And I'm jealous of his younger sister! He love his sister so much. Ah, I want to be his sister.

He doesn't strike for attention like the others excluding yeong saeng. Yeong saeng's voice already get enough attention. pft. I like the way he is, being okay with everyone and being nice to everyone. He could be a very good boyf and husband. He tolerates and he knows how to do correct things at the correct time. He may not be the best among them but his personality is a key where girls fall for him. His looks is just a bonus , BIG bonus. He's like a mother to the group, he wakes everyone up because he's always a first.

Just imagine every morning. He wake up and hit the alarm clock with a pair of white singlet and black shorts then walk into the toilet while scratching his hair. Then brush his teeth, style his hair while you're lying on your bed with pillow in between your legs and your saliva dripping. WTH , EE :D then he came over then pat your head and then ask you to wake up! Omg, so pretty D: Just imagine every morning, the first one you see is him!

That's what we call,

He may just be like any other korean boys to you if you compare him to hyunjoong or jungmin but really, I believe that what he have now is not his limit. He could do much more, it's just that he's humble!

Nickname ,

He's the center of all of them. He's the one who make good friendships between them. I like him like that :D

I like him so much,
for now


Oppa ,
you have ★★★★1/2

the other half it's because you're too humble. Please show all you have and shine even brighter than leader.

We know that leader say SS501 is not gonna disband but it's a fact that they're in different companies now except for Prince and Kyu , they're in the same company. JungMin and Baby might always contact each other but the busy person, leader sigh :/ it's so hard for them to work together again.

I miss seeing them together tho.

ps. deep down inside , i hope they do not have any solo albums because I really wanna see them back together.