Sunday, December 26, 2010

Am I that easy.

Merry Belated Christmas (;

What a good christmas this year. Celebrated with close ones with the pipe , with good nightviews at pavillion. What should I ask for more.

Have a major headache this afternoon. Have been sleeping for long. I slept on 6pm during Christmas and woke up today at 3pm. I guess I love my bed quite alot. Nah, I'm too lazy. It's how funny actually that I just remembered how I cried during Christmas eve last year and how much I've waste my time looking at those hopes which have been hanging around me for long to keep me hurting again and again. It's how funny how I speak out the pain through my tears and roll myself with sorrows to sleep on Christmas eve and wake up like I'm torn apart the next day. It's so pathetic that I stayed at home and still looking at those hopes I've received during Christmas. And, it's so incredibly funny that I made a wish to the stars that , that Christmas I wanted you. I wanted you.

How stupid of me ruining Christmas.

Can't wait for New Year. Can't wait to turn seventeen. Can't wait for senior year.