Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm so lazy to just elaborate everything.
I'll just make it the short one.

Journey started round' 8am in exact.
And yeah, there we go .

I camwhore a little in the car
because I loved my nails too much.
And morning sun give nice lightings
and always make the face look brighter, idk why.


Slept in the car and then wake up,
Munch a packet of nuts then go back to sleep.

Had lunch at Bukit Tambun. SEAFOOD :D

Then, straight to Penang.

And otw there, I keep reminiscing about class trip.
Ah, all the fun we actually had , how awesome :D
I miss my friends real badly, can't wait to go to school tho.
Time flies heh? Next year it's the last year already.
Gosssh, how fast.

Penang Bridge.

And it took us around half an hour journey to our hotel.
Tanjung Bungah Hotel i guess.

The scenery was really good.
Infact, it was totally awesome.

My family have an extra room
so I have a room all to myself.
It may sound creepy and yeah, you know
those doong doong , floating thing
but yeah ahhaa.

It was great tho .
I can throw my clothes everywhere
and do anything I want
and even have a nice bubble bath
without anyone rushing me for the toilet.

After that, I changed
and get to the pool and beach.

Seriously have to mosaic those stuff behind there.
*cough cough*

Gurney Drive for dinner.

Have a tour round Penang ,
then round 12 back to hotel and sleep.

Day 2.

Woke up and dress up.

Since breakfast is excluded,
we headed to town to eat.


Had the famous Harmie .
Well, they call it hokkien mee in Penang.
Super hokkien mee from one world cafe.
Yeap, the shoplot is call super hokkien mee.
HAHAHA . it wasn't bad tho.


I have no idea why it's shape is like this
but, damn cute. Idk what's the pink thing,
I removed it once I tasted it. It's so sour.

We went to temple then.


pray pray (;

I kneel for quite a long time
because I have too many things to ask for.

To queensbay mall then ,

Outside of the mall.

teeeeshirrrt :p
Well, my eyes was so pain.

Then we went back to hotel ,
went to the beach and the pool again.

Have dinner at Batu Feringgi ,then.

Oh well,
I have a room all to myself right :p

Went to sleep around five.
Watch around two movies from the tv.

Woke up at nine then eat

the famous mee goreng.

To be honest,
I don't think there's anything special tho.
It was too sweet.

Then back to the hotel,
pack up and GO HOME :D

And seriously ,
I miss my bed so much );
Slept in the car , had a good dream.

ps. I like KyuJong alot! :p