Sunday, January 10, 2016

Top Paddock.

No doubt that Melbourne has countless cafe which serve good brunches. Even little cafes by the alley which do not catch much attention serves good food. And, I always appreciate the effort on their presentation of food. 

The second time back to Melbourne brings me to one of the famous brunch place. 

It was empty because it's almost 3pm. Woke up pretty late and had trouble finding a way there - because we keep missing trams and ended up taking uber to there.

I love how they have glass doors, ensure that the sunlight is reflecting in. Besides using minimal energy, I have natural sunlight for my pictures. (lol)

I was straving , I swear.

And now, this is what we are all looking for -

Top Paddock 

Chorizo, bacon, pickled onion, green tomatoes, poached eggs on toast with a little sprinkle or peppers. 

I suggested this because of the name. I believe that this is also one of signature dish - if not, they wouldn't name like this, right? It was overall good, however the chorizo is a little sour. But it blended very well with the honey-glazed crispy bacon. 

Chilli Scrambled Eggs with Mornington oyster mushrooms & goat curd on toast

This is surprisingly good. 

Eggs Benedict 

This Egg Benedict is not just like any other egg benedict.They have free range pulled pork and pork crackling that comes with it.Often, we see egg benedicts with salmon or just ham - but this one comes with my favorite pull pork! 
The maple bacon crumb sprinkle on top works magic - thumbs up for glazed bacon.

and here it comes,

Ricotta Hot Cake

This is the reason why I wanted to visit Top Paddock. Apparently, this is the most order choice on the menu and I've finally acknowledge why. They are slightly thicker than pancake. Blueberry hotcakes , topped with various berries, cream and seeds. 
Besides, they use everything organic as stated on the menu. It tastes so good when it's hot. Not to mention that, their presentation is so pretty. 

It looks nice and taste nice!

pretty hotcakes.

pretty hotcakes and I.

Until now, I can't get over it. 

So far, I haven't found any place that serve better hotcakes than Top Paddock.

Classic Cappuccino.

Although my attention is all on the hotcakes, the other choices I've mention are as good as well. 

It was so satisfying - and with good food, it shapes up my good mood for the day.

while waiting for the tram to St Kilda beach for the sunset;

And the view was breathtaking ;

I do not need to filter them at all. 

#shoegoals with the boys , lol.

The weather was chilly, and the view is really beautiful.

You see, 
you will never love and appreciate something until you miss them.

I need good brunch , so so badly.


658 Church St,
Richmond VIC 3121, Australia