Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cutter & Squidge.

It has been months now but I am still amazed with the different kind of pastries and desserts they have in England. Compared to home, the varieties here are massive as many of the locals back home has more of a savoury tooth. I like sweet things but sometimes, I can't handle them - it feels like eating sugar but I can't deny that it lightens up my mood especially when it is always raining and gloomy.

The sun is out on the day I visit Cutter & Squidge, showing a good sign. 

This Shoreditch bakery has wonderful cakes, and is famous for their biskie. One thing I love about this place is everything is really pretty - everything seems to be instagram-worthy. Also, this bakery do not use artificial preservatives which draws more attention than the others. Natural ingredients always have another star in my ratings.

Pretty Biskies presented in a line.

Biskies are kinda a combination of biscuit or cookie and cake with either light buttercream or handmade jams. Everything is handmade since their natural ingredients are the finest, They are too many choices to choose from. 

cakes, yum.

Their pretty packaged handmade chocolates , which is ideal for gifts. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake
which are just a so so to me since the texture of the cake is a little too dry. I am not a fan of cream so I didn't enjoy it much. However, this is one of the best selling ones in store so we just have to try that.

Well, a slice is too much for a person. It's definitely a sharing portion.

Red and Black Velvet Cake.

I insisted to order this because I have a major love to Velvet Cakes. The Cream Cheese inbetween the sponge cakes was a little bit tasteless - well, there are no artificial flavourings so I supposed that it should be that way. 

Is it just Cutter & Squidge or the cakes in England are made to be drier? 
I prefer moist cakes - therefore, I am always ordering cheesecake because I don't want to risk having a dry cake:(

Overall, I think it's good.

Salted Caramel Brownie Biskie

There is only two of us and two slices of cakes is already more than enough. Biskie is the signature here so we need to try them. 

What I can say is, this is definitely not my type of dessert. It is rather weird to me as it has a crunchy top, very creamy filling and soft bottom. I can't particularly describe how the texture is, in words but it feels weird having cookie, biscuit and cake together. I'd prefer them as it should be.

my flat white does not have coffee art - I was so disappointed TT

The weather was really nice. It was warm enough and it didn't rain that day! I had enough of the wind breaking my umbrellas and my hair in a mess. The sun shine so bright that day- my mood was really good too. 

when the sun comes out to play ;

I did not edit the rainbow in .

Well , see you on the other side of the rainbow.

And , I ended my day with -

Lush bathbombs.

My favourite would be this one - Intergalaxy. 

Pretty colours in shades of blue, purple and pink with gold glitters. 


 20 Brewer St, London W1F 0SJ