Tuesday, November 3, 2015

That cafe down the street.

That day, I took a stroll at the other side of Tower Bridge - at St Catherine's dock. It is the quiet side of that area where not a lot of people know about. Yes, I did my homework before that. I would want to visit every inch of the hidden gem of the city. I think these are the little places that makes up the whole picture to truly feel how it is like to be in this area.
 You see, we all always focus on the main and forgets the little substitutes that plays an important role all the time. 

I saw a young couple - or maybe, they are just friends. But definitely more than just 'normal' friends. I see the way they look at each other , the way their hand brush through each other while having conversations. I don't want to seem like a freak , stalking people over the glass but I can't help it. The scene was too much of a love story and it was so beautiful. I can't hear what are they conversing but to just look at their expressions and little gestures. They are so full of love , without them noticing. 
It was like a movie scene portraying love stories about how they fall in love with each other , over conversation with a cup of coffee in a little cafe down the street. 

So I took a picture of this without them knowing because it looks so so beautiful.

When I look at them, I have a scene playing in my mind too. Perhaps it was there because I was overwhelmed by the surroundings and them. That's why it suddenly hits me. Too many kind of feelings and emotions that I have for a particular person which may exist now, or hopefully in future. 
I want 'us' to be like this too. So simple, so warm and so full of love - without trying. 

I thought that,
this could be 'us',

Then, I feel my heart heavy lingering on the thread almost falling. My shoulders are heavy and I sighed with a forceful smile. When you fantasize something that you wish it could happen and you know that it won't. Reality suddenly, hurts. 

I wish I could articulate how I feel at the point of time where I see them and thought of the possibilities of happiness that could have happened. It is simply beautiful and it would be better than every movie scene that we watched throughout our life. We need no conversation but to appreciate them in silence, at the cafe down the street with each other.

Well, one day , in the future - it will just be you and I.