Monday, November 30, 2015

Hull Fair 2015.


A few weeks back, I visited Hull Fair - which is claimed to be one of the largest travelling funfair in Europe. 

I only went to fun fair once or twice back home because it's always stuffy and hot. The weather here makes things a little better. Perhaps it was on a weekday thus, there are not as many people as I thought. 




I can't handle the pretty colourful lights in the dark. This is something I really love. 




Patty, smashed peas and chips.

I think this combination is rather weird. I absolutely hate smashed peas. I think it's really slimy and disgusting. I thought the patty would be like the ones we have in burger. However, the patty is really soft - like soft version of hash brown with bits of meat , covered with bread crumbs. 
We all love chips so there is not complain. 



What is your type of chocolate?




hot dogs with lots of onions , yummm.






I was showing my friend that I posted a picture of her on snapchat while laughing. That is because she was squatting on the floor , lol.


Super love this picture. 

We both look so happy!




It was a fun night with them girls. 

'Hull' of a night, lololol.