Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I take my breakfast very seriously.

Back home in Malaysia, I never have to worry about my first meal of the day. If I do not have classes or particular events, I normally sleep till noon - waking up after 12. I often to wake up to grandma's marvelous cooking or she will buy something for me. I can even count with my fingers of the times I cook myself my first meal of the day and that included, pouring cereal and milk in my bowl. Or, I'll have brunch with my friends. 

Breakfast is so not common to me , back home. I also skip breakfast before I go to class - which I realized that it's a bad habit. 

So ever since I settle down in Hull, I decided to have breakfast everyday (unless I wake up after 12pm, which I rarely do). 

Muesli, milk with banana.

This is no doubt my first breakfast here - and it shows so much of laziness in one picture. However, it's healthy - no?

Brown toast, avocado and eggs with my 2in1 instant coffee. 

Have I told you that avocados is one of best thing that ever happened?

I can have it every single day with anything!

My decorations of my breakfast platter failed - I never have sense of art in my bones.

My meatball + cabbage leftovers which I fried with pasta tomato sauce to be served with fried eggs, bacons and toast , with a cup of tea.

This combination is definitely not a healthy choice but it was so satisfying.I skipped lunch. I was so bloated after that. 

Dem feels.

After that sinful combination, this would be a healthier one. With avocados again! I cut off bacon and sausages and replaced them with another egg and my favourite sweet corn and green bell peppers cut in cubes. 

And cheers to my stripes boxer , lol. 

Bought yummy croissants down the street and replace my normal seeded wholemeal bread. Ham seems like a healthier choice compared to bacon - so I bought it. However, I crave for bacon more after that so the magic fail. 

You see, 
we should just choose what we are meant to be with - just like the relationship between Bacon and I. 

And some days were so bad that I over-fried my omelette and burnt my toasts.

The only nice one was the baked beans with corn -.-

I am not sick with English Breakfast , but somedays I crave for something heavier for the first meal of the day. And nothing is better than meatball pasta. 

When the weather gets cold, I crave for chinese styled noodle soup so I made it. However, the clear soup was a little tasteless since I made them in desperation. 

However, it is so comforting to have them. 

This is the very chinese side of me.

And also, there are the days where I want to wake up to wantanmee and pan mee. :(

And this is the biggest portion I've ever made for myself and it was so satisfying. 

Avocados , boiled eggs, croissant and eggs - not forgetting with a cup of essential morning coffee.

It's funny how my lifestyle slowly changes after I come here. And my enthusiasm in cooking has increase dramatically. It's amazing how things change once you meet a new surroundings.

Well, you can see - I take my breakfast very seriously.