Monday, November 23, 2015

Bad Luck Carmen.

All my pictures will be in black and white because it was the most epic day ever. I know that leaving home is never easy but I didn't know that it will strip me down to nothingness. I don't even have words to speak how I feel at that moment of time. 

1. I leave my place late to catch a morning train from Hull to London- which was already an hour and a half before.

2. I leave my place late because I was enjoying my breakfast wtf slap me please.

3. When I was on the tube in the way to Kings Cross ( where I need to take my train) , it shows 5 minutes to departure and I am no where close. So I dragged my luggage to the side and gave up.

4. I do not have a card or money, or any card to withdraw money - thus I am broke wtf fml. Too much shopping. 

5. I called my best friend and search for help because I was speechless at myself. So she bought me a bus ticket because I insist of going back to Hull ( Idk what's wrong with me but I think I should have stay in London for another few days instead.) For the first time, I feel so grateful to have this pain in the ass. 
Love you, best friend.

6. Though I am broke but I can still afford food which is not that bad. I was having Chai Latte infront of the bus station. Nothing beats a good cup of hot drink in the cold weather. Well, at least there is something positive after a bad start of the morning.

7. And the toilet in the bus makes picture perfect because they have nice lights - positive vibes x2

8. So I fell asleep and hoping to reach once I wake up since it's going to be a 6 hours journey. National Express is so bad that it feels like there is no heater on despite its on.

9. I woke up after two hours because there is a woman talking on the phone (fml) and I did not bring my headset ( fml x2)


11. The bus stopped in the middle of the highway because there is an accident going on infront so, everything remains stationary until the road is clear. 

12. It's getting cold, heater not working. And I was stuck for 2 hours on the highway TT 

13. I was supposed to transit at Leeds and then to Hull - but due to the traffic jam and accident, I missed my last bus back to Hull and the next bus is next morning.( MG FML X4). I was so speechless at that point because I am stuck in Leeds and the transportation is gonna stop working since it is already dark. 

14. I didn't cry at all because there is a will and there will be a way. ( positive vibes x3)

15. I went to the counter and told them about the incident.

16. My positive vibes finally chases all my bad luck away that they said that they will sort things out.

17. I got a free train ticket back to Hull! god blessed me.

18. And I took this picture from Leeds bus station to Leeds Train station - feeling blessed and happy.

19. I reached Hull after 9 hours of travelling - dragging my luggage up and down the stairs, under the rain and feeling paranoid about getting pick pocket.

20. When I reached my place in Hull, I let out a relieve sigh - never been so contented and happy with my life.

21. And then I realized that being independent is so difficult and definitely not in my bones (at least, when it come to these kind of critical situation) , but I overcome it. 

22. I've overcome that day and I think I can make it to anywhere now.

So everyone, please count your blessings from time to time. Nothing is better than home. However, stepping out of your comfort zone will help you achieve something else and realized that the world is so big and so much too offer.

signing off,
bad luck Carmen that day.