Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Meeting people in different places or through different things make me realize how important is it to stand strong on my own believe to be myself. 

I won't say that I have many experiences of encountering horrendous personality. I also meet people with great personality and inspiring thoughts which make me want to improve myself too. There is a balance of good and bad vibes. It took me a while to differentiate them, and also a hell lot of bad moments to go through. People we meet and the experiences we have went through is how we grow. I think it's fine to be broken, but never shattered. There is a time limit for us to be broken and there is a time where we need to pick up the little of disappointments in people to move on with life. 

I have a strong personality so it's more difficult for me to be influenced. It has the pros and cons - for now, I think it's mostly an advantage to me. Sometimes we just got to learn who is reliable and who is not.

 And some people are just not worth the time any more. Life is too short for unnecessary mess. Life is too short for us to wait for those who don't always have time for us. If they can't spare an hour or two for you, you should know where you stand. Giving in sometimes, looks like begging. It is very tiring. 

Sometimes, a person whom exchanged a few conversations with you is more sincere.And sometimes, those who grow up and mature with you was never really being a true friend to you.  

It was never the matter of time , it was all the trust that is supposed to built in. 
The hard truth is when there is no conversation, there is no more connection.

At one point, you know who's worth keeping and who is not. Life is already hurtful, we don't need pest to add salt to the wound. 

goodnight x.