Wednesday, April 29, 2015

J&D Espresso.

Here is another brunch post.

I've found a hidden gem located at Bandar Utama. The location is really uncommon because it's just right beside the furniture shop. I widen my eyes when I reach the place. Well, I wouldn't find all these places on my own - XM brought me there. 

J & D Espresso,
a very simple name. 

I visited the place twice - first, on Christmas for brunch and lately, I visited this place to try out more food. Their food are more to aussie brunch-like so I could say that they definitely serve a different kind of brunch you could find outside.

We will start with our coffee. 

Cappucino at RM10 and Flat White at RM9

The coffee is good. It's thick enough for my liking. Malaysian cafes serves very milky Cappucino unless I ask for two shots. 

With good coffee, I'll have a good day. 

And we've tried out some of their signatures ;

Pancake Stack at RM15

The portion may be small but it's very very filling. I could barely finish one of this myself. Instead of typical whipped cram or honey , they have poached eggs and bacons inbetween their pancakes. Everything with bacon is good. Their poached eggs was on point too. 
Not forgetting that they have nice presentation.

Baked Eggs at RM19

Definitely one of the best baked eggs around the town. Their ham on top is glazed with honey, which was so yummy. I like how they melted the cheese on top of the eggs until it is a little roasted. It's crispy on top. Their baked eggs are not half-cooked. I do not like my baked eggs too raw, so it was all good. Not to mentioned that their eggs are organic eggs. Well, their ingredients are premium. 

candid, lol. 

Iced Chocolate at RM10

This is iced chocolate is so worthy! They even topped it up with a scoop of ice cream. Their chocolate is thick enough for chocolate lovers.

Definitely not my order - but I got excited when it arrives. 

Mocha at RM 12

Instead of the breakfast they offered, we have mains this time for our lunch.

Aussie with an Egg Pizza at RM22

One of their best selling main course. And I swear that this is so worthy. This could be a sharing portion among two or even three. Their crust is thin enough , and it's so crispy. It's topped with alot - yes, alot of bacon with mozzarella and parmesean cheese! 

One of the 'must order' on the list. I highly recommend this pizza!

Fish and Chips at RM29

The difference between fish and chips you can find here is, their fish are beer battered , which make the whole fish and chips taste better. I don't want to sound like a desperate alcoholic, but everything with alcohol is definitely better. Not to mention at the generous servings they offer. Their thick cut potato fries is so yummy with the mayonnaise , mg.

Their food is really good. Though their price is a little higher end, I think is definitely worthy. Not to mention that, they have super ingredients in every dish. 

If I were to return, 
I would want to try their brandy orange cake and squid ink pasta! 

Well, I'll end this post with a picture of me and XM -

Darlie or Colgate, lol.