Thursday, February 21, 2013

That come between us.

To sum up my chinese new year, I've finally move and edit my pictures.

I can't believe CNY is going to be over soon & You don't know how much weight I've gain by just 10 days time. I feel like - I even gain weight when I breathe. 

Life's unfair!

And so, I've visited shopping malls after the first 3 days of CNY because I have no houses to go to and practically, I don't know how to socialize with my relatives. Sometimes they are so far away that I don't even know who they are so all I do is to nod, smile and then speak softly. My family expect me to act like a girl and I swear I could just die.
Actually, I'm a man LOL.

And so, I don't remember when but yeah, it's a day out to KL to accompany a friend since he is leaving.

And, I have never dress so casually before!

You like my pastel coordinate anot! 

it's really really comfortable. 

You rarely see me dressing up this way, really but I've decided to break the rule of putting on pastel. Pastel colours are NEVER my colours since it looks so pure and innocent pft.

And, Ben's for dins !

All time favorite , Aglio Olio!

Requesting for this because I want the three colour chips! :) 

And I never knew bread with just ham & cheese would taste so good.

Don't order when you're diet because the butter content is just.... BUT IT REALLY TASTE VERY GOOD ! :(


People nowadays practicing on the wink wink pose :3

Eyes not big enough TT

& House hopping the other day with my friends :)

I put ALOT of eyeliner because my eyes was swollen and I really don't want to go out bareface. I hate the way I look that day though although I've achieve the bad ass look very well. 

Look at my accessories. :)

#atod! :)

And camwhore while waiting.

Bad ass enoughhhh?

This LV shades... god, I think I should buy myself a nice shades instead of putting people's one. 

To show you my thick make up ):

CKW , lol.

We went over to a number of houses and the best was at Bernice's because she made us food.

To all her die hard fans who is looking for her ,
don't worry.

She is still alive and she DO cook really well. She is actually not going the modelling for RR shortly so yeah. 



It was valentines and I'm alone. #foreveralone.

I think this year's birthday wish should be - I WANT A BOYFRIEND lol.

I got flowers too, woohooo!