Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Since XiuMing missed out Mingli's birthday on the actual day, we have then decided to do a belated one for her - just us, girls.

I'm not going to post how we look like in highschool because I practically look like a mother for ten kids. wtf.

One of the reason I think I NEED iphone5 because they have better secondary camera until 4s ):

Dine in at Ole-Ole Bali , Empire.

And Xiuming bought her a rainbow cake.

The three of us actually promised each other to celebrate our birthdays together this year with a rainbow cake because it's our last year being a teen. 

lol, bffs.

So pretttty!

7 layers of goodness.

It's really filling and sweeet though!


I hate how the tong and mingli's reaction was in this picture because I wanted all the attention on my outfit. As you can see, she was asking me to make it fast.

Love how my phone cover matches my dress :P

Group photo taken by steffi cos she is sitting at the other side, lol.

This is the typical best friend photo which we are going to look at , after 10 years and realized how much we have changed.


A decent photo of us.

We love you, Mingx2 since there's two Mings.

xo, bff.