Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY '13

I'm here to tell you about my CNY which you wouldn't even care because it was really boring.

I didn't really visit people much since my relatives are normally the ones who visit my place. I don't have a kampung and I swear, I have repeat this almost every year. Sunway Pyramid is actually my kampung, lol.

Start from CNY eve - which all of the kids were back home. I didn't head out but to lie on my couch, watching some downloaded movies and also, some which I have recorded since forever - of course, I stay like this with the CNY cookies wtf. Don't ask how much I eat but I literally finish a whole can of seaweed crackers.

I hate how swollen my eyes is that day ): 

Do you know that we have camwhore genes in us - yes, I meant all of us :)

See how much have she grown since last year!


AND , 

It's pretty obvious due to the bad quality of iphone front camera , no?


The younger twin.

Look at my eyebags -.-

Around 7 plus, we finally head out for seafood dinner.

My family eats dinner around 8pm so I think it's weird that other people eat at 5pm or 6pm. I mean...isn't 5pm teatime? Wtf.

Studded Collar Red Dress!

This is one of my previous CNY outfit.

I have this thing of wearing the previous CNY outfit from the previous year on CNY eve. And then, the first day on CNY - I can finally wear the new one :D 

But no way that I'm going to wear cheongsam for Reunion dinner next year wtf. 

Edited for the effect because my face look terrible.

But my hair very smooth ^^ 


This is my ootd for the first day of CNY.

As I said, I never had a cheongsam in whole life and so this is my first one. Didn't intend to buy a red one because I'l definitely look bigger. I don't think I should get a traditional cheongsam first because it's too pricey and it's not stretchable. I can't even breathe in this since it's so body hugging. So forget about the traditional one.
I really love tile colour items nowadays :)

My make up was trying to be as oriental as possible.

ngeheheh, gonna show you what I do best.

God very chinese anot?

I am too lazy to use my camera, I swear.


Main accessory of the day : Vintage ring! :)


picture from my lil sis.

The picture look over-edited , no?

Oh well, we use pudding cam right away and it's currently all of our favorite app! Faster download it and it's freeeeeee ! :)


I really have a good hair day !

It's sad that my ombre is dying soon and I'm too lazy to go back and sit for few hours. Ah, but I love the saloon so much!

2nd day of cny with my super obvious flaw-ful face because I didn't really put on make up. 

Was suppose to look decent and fresh wtf.

Oriental bow lace dress from RR :D

This is the back view.

And yes, I do take picture in the middle of the mall with almost ten pairs of eyes staring at me 

I went over to pyramid for kimgary. It was a super late lunch.

Back home and then go and pai nian~~ again.


Korean BBQ flavored dried meat which is 85 bucks per box -.-

But it's really good.

If you know want to know about the amount... oh well, it's disappointing.

oh well...


lots of love.