Monday, October 29, 2012


I'll blog about big bang concert soon, I promise.

I can't wait to show off what happened and you know what, it's always a good thing being in the 1st/2nd row! :D

And now, I shamelessly promote stuff first.

I love how instagram totally allow us to post any pictures we want and nobody is going to complain about spamming pictures. Of course, I don't just go and post stuff 24/7 ! And not all my pictures deserve to be on instagram. Omg, you don't know how good the feeling is when you see people like your pictures. It's true and you can't deny that!

my accessories of the day is 

Colourful Skeleton Bracelet!

I really love it though & it's one of the best selling accessories in Raqul Reed!


Iphone front camera suck quite alot though..

If you're interested, just click the accessories section at the header of Raqul Reed!

Now, CAMWHORE . I only have eyeliner on because I can't imagine myself removing BB cream or whatsoever that I apply on my face.

Copied this pose from ... LOL

I love you.