Friday, October 19, 2012


So despite having exams , 
my friends & I went out to celebrate Chin Keat's eighteenth.

You know how big turning 16, 18 and 21 to everyone of us , no? Honestly, I had my 16 & 18 in a simple celebration and not to mention through heartbreaks fml. But somehow, it turns out better than expected EXCEPT for the crying alone on my birthday eve . 

I never like complicated celebrations somehow. Maybe when I was young, I always love throwing out a party , enjoying giving out invitation cards and have people singing for me on my birthday with McDonalds. But when you're starting to grow up, you suddenly realized that nothing else matter than your cake and candles - of course, with people who you cared about. You don't need a whole bunch of just hi-bye friends to just be there for you, right?

Oh well ,
just a simple dinner with close friends will do :)

And ,
it's decided in Ole Ole Bali in Empire.

Outfit for the night~

I really love this yellow bag I have. Oh well, it's not exactly yellow because it's kind of orange-y yellow and I don't even not the specific name for that colour. I love how bright it is to brings up the whole outfit back to life - even if you're in a full black ! I've bought the one in green too since I wanted to try out these sample copies for Raqul Reed and it was kinda good. The material was nice and I'm happy with it. 

maybe it would be up on Raqul Reed - just maybe.

I love to tease , you know. *wiggle brows*

Don't ask why I am standing in this kind of 'throwing-a-look-back' pose. I was just so happy to see that my hair is finally growing!

And checked into the restaurant not long after. 

I don't think it was a surprise. I mean - it did clearly failed.

I hate how I never make any surprise succeeded before. Aish.

Meet Lisa and her new brow lol.

How do you like my Peace Ring!

And pictures I got from the others, through fb of myself.

This Camera360 thing is making me look all vampire-ish, I need a freaking red lipstick!


I look so - weird.

I mean , I can never smile with my mouth close. It made me look so angry, grumpy and weird. But I don't want to flash my teeth and make my eyes squint later on. Oh my god - # femalepains.

And some shots,
I force one of them to help me take to show off my favourite peace ring! :)

Trying to be kinky style!

I look like I have constipation -_-

Trying to be innocently gangster-ish style. LOL


and more, pics.

I like this pic alot though

Now tell me ,
how bad iphone's front camera is zz

Can't they have 8 megapixels infront too?

Awesome background 

and ,

group pictures from everywhere!

Kevan's kinky smile! : )

And the potd - picture of the day

Because I love my earrings! :D

I hope, there's more coming outings that allow me to look nice - with make up, accessories and stuff. I hate how my baggy oversize tee and leggings, casual skirt , shorts are accompany through the day. 

My blog is like - More photos , less words.