Sunday, October 14, 2012


Oh hello!

I have came across this website that says -

I wonder if you guys had felt all that before? 

As for me, 
I have many uncheck in the list fml . I'm pathetic.

So today, 
it's just a short post with some pictures because I'm too lazy to transfer anything to the comp. You have no idea how lag my laptop is. 

The other day when I was craving for ramen but ended up for Italian . I swear, I wanted ramen but then something just happen and so, I went back for salad. I know that I need that alot.  

One of my favorite ring in my accessories section in my room but then, it's so hard to match with normal outfits. 

You have no idea how happy I am staring at my collection of accessories ,thinking which want to wear . I can't believe I have so much right now when I don't even bother to put anything around my neck , hands etc but right now, I feel so insecure without them. It's like, it's not complete. I need my bangles even if just a trip to the mamak stall, I swear. Call me weird or what - I just have to wear it unless my outfit doesn't match with it at all.



And so,
Italinnies it is!

Have I told you how much I hate TGIF? 

That will never be my first choice and I'll never ever answer that when my friends ask me where I wanna have dins / lunch or whatsoever. 

Agio Olio ( is the spelling right?)

Favorite Salmon Salad!

And , 
camwhore shots .

I camwhore like - almost every single day wtf.

That's all.

I told you this is gonna be short.

Till then