Saturday, June 23, 2012


Have been filling up my days with the researching of blogshop and I guess, the effort does pay off. And guess what?

so remember to check it out though.

And of course, I'll start with something light first right?

I'll update some designs of Iphone cover that I've personally like myself. I pick them all out by myself and it's really girly so, it's really suitable for girls. I don't know but I'm pretty amazed with pastel colours lately and I suppose that the hint is enough? (:

Please support me TT

And there I some pictures that I grabbed from facebook.

Last sunday, 
I got out with my classmates - oh well, I can actually call them , my girls now. We went to Subang Parade for Snow White & The Huntsman. We didn't have any choice left since it's quite a last minute plan and plus, we are all late since we hung out at Vita's house then. But trust me, it was all good.

Girls being girls, during late lunch at Nandos before the movie starts.

Haven't been so casual since then (:

so niceee :p

cheers for the dimple :p

and finally,
after movie!

likes x100000

I've gotta run!