Monday, June 4, 2012

Picture perfect memories.

There will be lots of pictures ahead from IDK where.

I have just uploading the pictures from my iphone to comp and realized that, 95% of the pictures are my face. And, of course I am not going to upload every single picture. It will take forever for you to scroll down plus I camwhore due to boredom. Especially during break times in college. I don't really want to talk to the people around me - yeah, I am indirectly hinting something. 

I'll just caption the pictures and so. 

As you know,
I never like to type a whole whiny post unless it involve important matter - which is those matters that I care.

Oh well , where do we start..

They are taken in Fahrenheit 88 at Uniqlo. And personally, I think uniqlo's clothes are really comfy and the price is really unreasonable. I only get a shirt there because the design is too simple. I always like complicated patterns and weird design of clothes, which they claimed it as 'kua jiong' . But..everyone have their own style one right? :p

If you are my constant reader, you will definitely recognize her. 

This was taken the other day where our study plan fail. We wanted to wake up early and get to the library to study and obviously, plan failed. We end up going to eat dimsum for breakfast with Xiuming and then, head to KL to do some shopping. 
We didn't study and instead , we spend all our money. 
we had dinner at Yuen steamboat somemore lol. 

And the day all of us were late for law class..
Then, teacher lock us out as punishment. 

We sat at the staircase and emo together. It started to rain half way sumore TT

My favorite cropped tee!

I have more than 5 cropped tee though. I couldn't stop buying cropped tee last time because I think it's nice and right now, I kind of regret it. I don't know how to match my clothes with it because the tee is too short and too thin so yeah . But sometimes, I just wear it like that. I feel so lazy to match it and yeah. Fashion crisis, especially in college. ):

The day I went all the way to Mont Kiara to get my hair colour done and trust me, the service was really good. And overall, the process was great even the hair spa. I sat at the saloon for freaking 5 hours -.-

The other day at tarbush with new hair colour!

Then Subway and Snogurt with weichanchanchanchan! :p

It's good to have a bubbly friend around. :p It's irony how we actually finally pass our driving test hahahahhha (:

Lunch with ze classmates! 
And Emily is the most patient person I've ever met, she taught me like almost everything!

Dinner with MingLi at italiannies, empire the other day! We didn't even finish the food!

Dinner date with ze sister, Jessie in Paradigm mall. We wanted Suki-Ya but then, the line was too long or so. We decided to go BBQ Plaza. Can you believe that we actually travel all the way to Kelana Jaya to Paradigm mall! Oh well, it's really fast though. I didn't even imagine I could actually fetch my sister to dinner. Oh my god, I feel so old ):

And our camwhore picture (:

And yeah, 
life goes on.