Monday, July 9, 2012

Anywhere or Everywhere.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

I have really been busy though although, there's no studying included. Since college reopen till now, I didn't even revise abit. I couldn't pay attention at all plus, my results are really demotivating me. I mean, I actually feel that no matter how hard I try, things that I want to achieve is just too far from me. In other words, I feel useless . Or just maybe, my effort is not enough.

I like being busy all the time. 

Then, I wouldn't think so much and have some aim for me to do something everyday eventhough the outcome wasn't as expected but at least, I'm trying hard. No regrets plus YOLO ? (:

Pictures from my phone..

The other day where I get pissed off at everybody as I have never eaten the whole day. I was HANGRY , I swear. I hate going to pavilion for meals, you know. To me, there's nothing to eat other than wongkok or the food republic and I have never dine in , in food republic officially before though. 

We literally talk for more than 3 hours there. The WongKok's view there is really nice plus, the sofa is so freaking comfortable omg.

And also, 
if I don't blog or anything - check out my instagram at limcarmexo! :p 

15 bucks shade from F21!

Grilled Lamb, TGIF.

Pretty Pastel colours Iphone covers from Raqul Reed! 

Super cute Illakkuma covers!

While waiting for people to have dinner at Klang due to carving of seafood , after RR's mini photoshoot. I swear that , this time is just a mini photoshoot though. You don't know how many designs RR have been through since last time.

Birthday pressie from Dad , not a fan of watch though. Plus, it's too expensive to be wore out.

Healthy lunch with MingLi at Peppercorn.

Awesome , no?
Grab it at Raqul Reed! :p

And some other pictures from outings.. oh well..

Missing eyeliner so much.

You have no idea how awesome green tea red bean frap is! A new frap in town!

Been long since we camwhored.

And more pictures of ...idk?

My hair was like that as I tied it up in a bun. It did create a nice fizzy look which only lasted for 2 hours or less since my hair is naturally straight. I swear I look like some 30 years old aunty. I guess, I can never go more such look then. I was otw to Paridigm mall! :p

Had Suki-ya for dinsdins! :p

Outfit of the day!

And do you know that Raqul Reed brings in Iphone covers now?

I swear that, 
all the designs is awesome.

And the next highlight will be exclusive covers - which means , designer brand covers. 

Oh well,
you can already see one above :p