Sunday, June 17, 2012

I love baby, I am not a monster!

And yes,
holiday finally begins! :p

I haven't been resting all the while though. I have been going out so much that , I didn't even get to have some forever alone time to cuddle with my bed and lie on it until I have a backache with the sun shining onto my face until I get a headache. But I didn't have plans for the these two days so, I suppose that I'm just going to have some time alone, reading some stories online and whatsoever. 
And of course,
to spend sometime to reactive my blogshop. 

I have planned it since a month ago or so and, I have to work out on this plan soon. So, I suppose that RaqulReed is going to be 'Alive' again , as fast as end of july and maybe if I'm hardworking enough then it would be done by mid-july. And this time, most of the clothes and accessories will be imported from overseas. I'm sick with local suppliers who just didn't care enough to meet up with my expectations. It might of course time-consuming and the retail price would slightly be higher but trust me, the quality will be as good as you expected. 
please give a u turn and support Raqul Reed again.

You should know how much that means to me right? (:

And oh,
my friends did a mini surprise for me a day before my birthday.

I wasn't in the mood as my exam was near and I was so 'heartbroken' but I kinda gotten over it so yeah. And, I guess people grow up from pain. 

They forced me out to Tarbush and ignored me at the side while I was emoing with my law book. And fifteen minutes later, a sudden rise of 'happy birthday' song and even the crowd join along. I was feeling so complicated that I didn't even give any reaction and yes, it was pretty great having all the attention (: 

And guess what ?

I had a handmade fruit pie from Xiuming :p:p

I never had a handmade cake from my friends and yes, it's my favorite present! I totally love handmade stuff though :p

I can't really describe how much I love the cake! :)

Trust me, 
I never take yummy looking pictures but it was so nice TT


Green Tea cake from Kokweng. Still good.

Please excuse my ugly photos below, I swear that I never expected surprises plus, my eyes was all swollen ):


they got me longchamp bag.

I feel quite bad for them as you know, not everyone was sharing and so it was kinda pricey. Plus, I already have enough bags. It's not that I don't like it , it's just that I think it's a waste of their money for buying such an expensive give for me - probably I think that I don't worth the price of the bag. I still love it , although it was quite plain. I've always love complicated bags , though. Hopefully , the next time .. they wouldn't waste so much money on me. I really love the handmade cake better ! :p

and group shots?

And off to have a proper dinner at Ajisan Ramen, or whatever it is. I didn't want to eat arabic food though.

look at my swollen eyes ):

and spammed some polaroid pictures! :p and now, I want a polaroid all over again pft.

all time favorite ramen!

And on my birthday itself, I had lunch - Japanese at The Gardens. Then, come home to read some econs - which is zero productivity. And then, head out for empire to dine with my aunty. Oh well, everyone was kind of busy that day and I was quite sad that I didn't get a cake from the family. They thought that I didn't want to celebrate or something since I was in my room the whole day 'studying' which is, watching Big Bang videos. Oh well, I'm a VIP now! and of course, an A+ and forever CLOUD . :p 

Get to doll up a little.

And yes, I know how dirty my mirror is -.-

And ,
OLE OLE BALI for dindins!

Totally love the ambiance and fooooood :p

camwhoreee :p

and there come the food photos!

This drink cost us 15 bucks -.- 

But I swear that, it was really really goooooood!

all-time-favorite, sate lilit!

Salmon set!

Lamb & Chicken set, which is so big in portion! I swear the portion is worth the price, which is 37bucks only!

Toilet break!

And head home around 1030pm.

Reaching home with a new laptop :p

And really,
how awesome eighteen can be?

And the next year,
I hope that I'll have someone special to be there for me.

I realized that I've always get my heartbroken before my birthday , normally a few days before or a week before. And next year, I swear that it is not going to happen like a curse again , gr!

I wouldn't blame people to break me. I will just blame myself for falling too fast and too hard, and of course being naive about stuff like ' he will love me for who I am' or 'looks doesn't matter'. Those mottos just build those unrealistic confidence up for nothing. And now, I've woken up 'again'. It sucks to be covered up by sweet nothings. And, I couldn't deny that , this time was worse than the previous one but I guess, I regret nothing.
this marks that I'm more mature already to fit my age (:

You don't know how crazy I can go, last time. lol.

till then.