Friday, March 9, 2012

What makes you beautiful.

Sorry for not blogging for a quite sometime. Just so you know, i just got my unifi back and for the past one week, I have been surviving using my data plan and I have reach 75% of it already. I was so desperate to finish my assignment that I just retype everything from my notes. Honestly, A levels is no joke. I have to really listen if not, I am really dead. I can't even solve a maths question by myself. I guess by the end of March, there should be less outing especially late nights one.

Don't give me that stare. 

I swear I will try harder :(


I have just tried the ice from 100 yen.

I never taste it before , you know. I only bother to taste it because the weather was extremely crazy. It was worth it since it's only 5.90. I think the ice is very unique. It just melts when it got into the mouth. Seriously awesome.

100 yen is so far from my college. 

I have to like walk until so far ):

And the other day , snowflakes with the classmates. I spilled 'gula melaka' on Amylia's bag and my slippers were sticky for the rest of the day although I have wash it already. fml.


And other pictures from Idk when.


I remember that , it was Kevan's birthday. Because that's the day I ate the 100 yen ice thing and I spilled a little on my skirt. wtf.

everyone's all time favorite twins.

best picture ever!

Von and I during maths class.

Don't ask why we have time to camwhore in class , lol!

And let me end the post with a lovey dovey  picture.