Tuesday, March 27, 2012



The other hang out sessions with the bunch at Overtime and really, it was quite a long time ago.

Loving my top much :p

Oh well, I really wish that I didn't take a levels. It's so torturing. College is not exactly like, what I have been thinking of. I still have to wake up early , go to bed early and study for my little tests. I hate the fact that, I can't party and relax like how other people say. The way they put college is like..heaven but really, I do not feel that way. I have so many group assignments , little test and tons and tons of discussion.

I think it's fine until I realise that I am surviving in a very dramatic environment.

I was quite disappointed that there are still some people who haven't fully grow up yet. I have met some that crave for attention every single time. Instead of dramatically complaining how unsatisfied you are, why not sort it out by yourself. I don't know why some people like to make tiny things into a big fuss. It's just a small matter, so just suck it up and get over it. omg.
I really thought that, 
it only happens in highschool but I guess I was wrong then.

Forget about that.

I have finally got my albums!


I was literally smiling at the album for no reason, wtf.

some random trip to KL to do some shopping.

I was so lazy to dress up and so, I just drew my brows and tie up my hair. I can't believe I wore tshirt and just a normal flare skirt to KL. Don't ever ask why was I in japanese slippers. To think back, I think I am glad that nobody saw me that day, omg.

I really love the app - Mei Tu Xiu Xiu :p

And with little cousie,

I don't know why but I think camwhoring just runs in the blood :p

Guess what?
I have made up my mind to do a drastic change to myself but I am not sure whether I can successfully doing it or not.

Oh well,
before anything..I got to go and read my law for my test tmr.