Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will you hold me back if I want to walk away ?


How are you ?

School have been really boring and annoying.
Boring because it's boring .
Annoying because I couldn't get add maths
and, I don't finish my homework on time.
I always go to school , walk around the whole class
asking for homeworks from others and then copy.
End up, I don't even learn a shit .

Anyways , pictures from ytd .

p.s I look horrible in almost everyone of them but my hair colour , rocks : )

Lysha : )

Donnienaaaaaaaaa :)

Lysha's idea to make it more round-er -.-

i likey : )

Then Justina's birthday celebration in school.

nice candid lol .

toilet break =p

I know my post is getting more boring
but I seriously don't know how to blog anymore.

I need to go out . I feel so weird staying at home.
I don't wanna go to school , I don't wanna wake up so early.
Can't wait for CNY : )

I got to go now
because I don't know what to say . haha

I don't want to emo-fy my blog
and make everyone think that I'm dramatic
or an attention seeker and everything .
Just that , I couldn't help it .

Do you have a kind of feeling like ,
you feel so complicated but you couldn't
find a proper word to describe it ?

sigh, forget about it.
I'm crapping anyways .

i'll be back : )