Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes I wish you didn't come back but when you didn't , i'd wish you come .

I have no idea how to start a post already.
Okay fine , I'm freaking sad :(

I was trying to do my add maths homework and everything
but I think I just gave up, I'm too lazy to do.
Maybe , Just maybe I will try again .
It's safer to copy answers because I don't wanna do
corrections but do we need to do corrections ? :s
I never do since the first class and I got half of it wrong .

Okay nevermind .

Anyway , Just got Fahrenheit's Fantasy Concert DVD
live in Taipei . WHY TAIPEI , NOT MALAYSIA , gr .

Front cover : )
Okay , Calvin looks vewwwy vewwwy hoooooot here ^^ :p

is love .

Cal Baby : )

Jiro .

Yalun .
OMFGWTFBBQ ,freaking hot can die .

Wuchun , a very bad picture -.-

Back ?


Don't ask why -.-
I dont have any time to and I don't think
it'll be as awesome as Malaysia's one .
Because, I'm not there =p

Fine, I jealous people who went to taipei for it ><

And of course my camwhore with it la !

For those who don't have , I can show off =p
You say you don't care because you jealous ! xDxD
For those who have it already , just shut up -.-

Why am I so annoying : O

because it look better like that .

just to match with the album ; black and white =p

Last year's today , I was counting down Fahreheit's Fantasy Concert
till the date , March 28 2009 and I still remember
the night before the concert , I couldn't even sleep.
I was so excited and I jump up off the bed around 8am.
Okay, call me crazy or whatever but yes, the feeling was amazing.

Jiro came last month , Wuchun will be here this friday and saturday
at pavillion and some hotel for some movie thingmajing .
I feel like going but I don't have any reason to .
Because , Calvin is not there =)

OI ><>
Calvin is life kay !

So , I was 'busy' ytd because I spend half of my day
at the saloon.Got my hair cut and re-dye my hair.
I was kinda pissed because there's not much difference
with my old colour plus , it's not obvious enough tho!
I wanted it to be a little obvious but not obvious ,
if you get what I mean but they didn't get it.urgh!

So 4 hours or gone just like that.
I spent an hour waiting for my turn -.-

But today , some of my friends told me
there's a little red purple-lish colour
and okay , I can't see the colour but they can.
Maybe if I choose brown , it would be more obvious
but I chose this bloody colour and I don't think
it's freaking obvious enough and 100bucks gone D:

Shaddap Carmen, stop complaining :X

Today passed really fast .
School is getting boring , already .
My class is like so quiet , really quiet.
Okay la! Not quiet la but compare to last time, it is.
Why is everyone so good boy and girl nowadays .

I don't remember a shit but I was having a very bad period
cramp during assembly . Basically , the whole morning
and now it comes again because I drank cold water -.-
I FORGET OKAY ! not in purpose one . TT

Anyhoos , camwhore picture : )

likey .

loves .