Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm taking back my love .

Finally I've time to blog about everything.
I'm skipping school tmr and friday too, I guess!
So in the holiday mood lor, how to study.
Okay I know, Monthly test is like next next week.
but , it's seriously freaking near and I don't even
understand a shit since the first day of school!

I've been copying other people's work
and, everytime I'm trying to do , I fell asleep.
Okay, I fail I admit TT

Just put that aside first ,
Let's start from er er er.. reunion dinner?

Sunlight rocks :)

Grandma start cooking around 3pm
and everyone helped out a little , I guess
but as usual, she's still so stressed out.
It's just cooking lar , omg
and seriously she made too many dishes.
As usual , we didn't finish it .

But before the dinner starts ,
cousins and I was outside looking at fishes?
Okay, I forget literally about everything.
Oh , We took the turtle out from the pond
and play with it. Is it a turtle or tortise?
Okay nevermind , we were playing with it.

Then we throw it back into the pond .
Poor tortise / turtle -.-

Don't know why. I like this picture ;)

Venice :)

Just for the sake of my hair colour =p

Kevan :) Cute, can die omg .

Kevan & Kevin :)

And , they are so bloody cute !

Then we have our dinner
and the aircond was not working well, I guess.
It's like so bloody hot inside. OMG D:

Chloe ;)

After dinner, chilled around.
Talk and everything then adults start gambling.
I joined them and I lost 20 over bucks
then I give up already. It's not my money , anyway :)
I was like asking money from my ahkong
and he keep giving and I lost it all -.-

Bad luck lar , omg.

Went to bed around 2am, I guess.

The next morning ,
Grandma was shouting from downstairs
and my maid was pulling my blanket then my sister's.
We have no choice but to wake up and get ready.

When I'm ready, everyone is not ready YET!
Ate the misua thing . It's a must to eat every year
and I still have no idea why.
I think I should ask my mum why ,tmr =p

Took Pictures .

I like my outfit .
Because it's cheap and nice =p
That necklace is 25bucks
and I kinda regret now TT

After that , get angpaus :):):):):):):)
Most important 'event' during CNY .

Then all of us must go to the temple .

Well , since dk how many years ago.
We have this plan , going to the temple and pray
and all those but this plan fail everytime
because we , the whole family woke up very late
and the plan have been called off for like
so many years but this year, Idk who so semangat-ed
for this plan thing and, I don't fancy temples, at all.

Red is pretty (L)


Who's idea to take a picture like that.

Reached the place and prayed and everything.
It was so stuffy and everything.
I cant even open my eyes .
Plus, the weather was like so omfg hot.

Went in the office thing to do some charity thingi.
Paid so much money for something something.
Okay idk what is it but I know it's something
that have to do with health and all those things.

Believe it or not , you need to line up sumore!

Since the weather is so hot , mummy bought us ice cream.
Okay fine, nothing special but when you hear or see
the word 'ice cream' , don't you feel happy ?
Nevermind -.-

Then went back in and eat the vegetarian food there.
Drag here and there , waste so much time and all those.
Finally and Finally , we went home .

Relatives came over and gave angpaus and more angpaus.
For one moment, I feel so rich :)

Then went over to GreatGranny's place.
It's a every year routine .

The fried crabsticks is awesome!

Just a few up here .


I likey :)


Okay, don't rotate. It looks better like this.

I like ! : )

Second day , I stone at home
and wait for people to come over .
Okay, that's all I remembered .

It was so boring and I complained so much
until my mum ask me to go facebook
because I'm making too much noise.
I really wanna go out okay !

I charged my camera until full
and plan to camwhore and everything.
Then end up, plan call off. ish ><

I like it when everyone sleeps in the same room.
Just imagine , all of us squeeze in a room!
My room! it's so awesome because we don't sleep.
My younger brother and sister likes my camera
because they couldn't stop taking pictures.

And , it's so fun : )

She almost fell okay!

Where's Grace?!



And , we have so much fun :)

Okay, it was really funny when we take the pics.
Jasper and Chloe was like fighting to stand
infront of the camera and hell, it block all of us.
I pulled them back , then they go infront again.
It was so messy. We're suppose to have very nice
picture together but idk why , end up like that.

And believe or not, we went to bed around 4am -.-

So, the third day of new year already.

Out, like finally .

Danial came and pick me up.
Then headed to usj to pick chibi up
and he was like going to this and that place.
Aiyo TT

Finally headed to Sunway Pyramid.


Walked to Eve but the pool table wasn't available
then walk all the way to the bowling area for pool.
And we walked very very very very very slowly.
Spent aorund 2hours or more there.

Danial .

Headed to McD , and then he sent me home.
Chibi and Danial was like going crazy over
a sport car or something and I still don't find
anything special about that car lor !

In the car :)

Rushed home and watched Fahrenheit Fantasy Concert in Malaysia
and seriously , it brings back alot of memories.
Those times I counted down and everything.
I missed it so much , I miss Cal

Was texting Sook & ZhiWei the same time too.
I miss Fahrenheit , I miss Cal♥♥♥♥♥ , Jiro♥♥♥ , WuChun♥♥ and Yalun♥♥

Hopefully , four of them will come again this year ):

Was out the whole day today
and I didn't get any pictures.
Wasn't in a mood to camwhore tho.

Was with Yuhung & Chinkeat.
Then, with Mahathir & gang.
Finally met up with cousins .

Watched a chinese movie but forget the name -.-
The show is really hilarious . :)

OMG , I know I sound damn lazy
but I really very lazy to elaborate lor !
Today is very tiring , end story =p

My post always have pictures more than words
but don't you think, it's a good thing?
I don't think anyone bother to read .
People just come and look at pictures
then click the X button. Okay, that's sad.

Well actually right ,I do that too =p




亲爱的可爱宝贝CALCAL小儒儒 , I You


p.s Have I came across your mind today?