Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello : )

Don't expect so much from me , right now
because I still don't have the blogging thingi back.
I don't wanna use the wrod 'blogging mojo',
it kinda remind me of The Powerpuff Girls' Mojojojo.
Okay , very bery cherry lame -.-

Thrusday , means yesterday was fine .
I just read my yesterday's post
and omfg , I updated about shits -.-
Nowonder my visitors decrease like crazy everyday
but it's okay , nevermind ..

In physics lab , doing experiment .



Eugene .

Two Eugene(s) in my class if you don't know .

People keep asking why can we take pictures in class
when teacher is just right infront there .
I think teacher doesn't care or maybe , she's blind.
It's just the second month of the year
and we have quite a number of pictures already.
I can't imagine the amount of the pictures , at the end of the year.

People say that I am zha-able .
gr , where got ><

Ming :)

I feel like giving up on you
but I don't want to because I think, you're important
but you're so hard to understand , so hard to know
and you make me feel so frustrated and angry
everytime and you never fail to.
When I wanna spend sometime and understand you ,
you become harder and harder to understand .
Why are you so hard to understand ?!
I wanna give up on you but I don't want to .
I hate you , ADD MATHS ><

I'm gonna get a red mark on my report book for add maths
or maybe maths too or those science -.-
I don't like form4 la, I love pmr so much . wtf.
Sweet Sixteen is like hell , especially when you're in school
dealing with add maths and everything , ish.

And , I emo-ed & rajuk-ed like crazy ytd .
Not pms . I repeat , not pms .
I'm sure it's not pms .

super emo pose !

Skipped lunch .

Emo moments with xiuming in the class !


emo bitch , ish .

then the prefects chase us out of the class
when we're emoing! potong, can .

Skipped school today to do something
then headed to school when it ends
just for the sake of ze friends
but then all of them go home like so early
around 2pm?! like wth.

Was kinda pissed when they told me about it
but then aiyaaa , nevermind la .

Went AC pool then back to school.
Sat down with LiSa & YoongChii .
Gossiped like some bitch .
Gossip as in , really gossip .
And, I didn't know that they can gossip : o
Then , LiVon came and continue

After they left, went around the school
looking for people then found Jacinth & Charlyee
at the admin , sat there and talk.
Then Shih Ning came and talked about JangGuenSuk

Went very hyper about GuenSuk Oppa
and Charlyee was like looking at me and ShihNing
but omg seriously lor , GuenSuk is freaking hot !

Back home , wanted to get some rest
but I decided to do something better.
Idk , I feel like as if I have no more time left.
Okay , I sound like as if I'm dying
but well , we don't know what's gonna happen tmr anyway.

I feel so sick .
Pills sucks . I hate them but I've no choice
but to swallow them down my throat .

Sometimes we should just tell others our feelings
than keeping them down inside our heart.
I used to keep everything to myself
but I don't think I wanna do that anymore.
I don't wanna waste time , I think I don't have time.
Maybe I think too much but , I don't want to regret.

I see some people around me regretting about
things they didn't do and now, they're still thinking
about it. Maybe we didn't get what we want after doing it
or maybe everything is not as perfect as it'll be
but at least , we did it and we won't regret .

I know sometimes I took people for granted.
I know sometimes things doesn't belong me
although it's my by my side all the time .
I know sometimes I don't deserve it .
I know sometimes everything is not under my control
but sometimes , I just want to act like I don't know .

Noone can stay by your side forever .
Everyone will leave , one day .
Although we're prepared and we know,
it still hurts very very much .
And we can do nothing about it : /

When you wanna leave someone ,
it have a difference when you leave them early or late.
If you leave them early , maybe they can get over you fast.
If you leave them late , maybe they feel ten times worse.
But one thing which will never be different is
it still hurts that person .
And, the person who doesn't wanna leave them
and have to leave them will feel even worse .
Don't you agree ?

Sigh ,I don't wanna leave anyone
and I hope the people I concern alot don't leave me too.

I sound very emotional , I know .
Maybe it's because I'm feeling sick .

I shall go and get some rest now .


p.s wo ye he ni yi yang , wo ye bu yao ni li kai wo :(