Friday, February 12, 2010

Because we're too tired to bother what's the matter , anymore.

Have not been blogging in a proper way
because I'm too lazy and I don't have time
to like exactly to elaborate everything that
have been happening in my life .

Life is so far so good .
Dramas is fun ;) Well , don't feel offended ;)
Okay , I better shut up like seriously.
Everyone hates me already , HAHAHAH .
Well , I don't really care if they're not important.

Was out last Sunday for CNY shopping and it failed so badly , again .

Screw Mondays and Tuesday's timetables sucks .

I barely remember anything that happened on Mon and Tues
but it's not the only reason , I'm saying that okay .

And those pictures in the lab .

You noticed , alot of pictures is from the lab.
Not only my class , other classes too.
Loving classes that goes to the lab ;)

teacher :)

Jingher's hand -.-

ErEugene's hand . omfg , so adorable can .

A very bad photographer :)

Should I buy the new school uniform ?

I know this is very ugly but I'm posting this up for the hair colour :)

Oh , before that we have sports practise.
Tug Of War is really fun but pain .
The stupid rope is freaking rough and pain.
Can't wait to go to the field and pull tho ;)

Complained like crazy after that .
But, it's fun ;)

Went home , shower and everything.
Did some personal stuff then off to Yuhung's house
for some party. Not sure what it is but, just go only lar :p

Was the last and the only girl there.
Some went to dota and some hang out at Yuhung's room.
And, his baby husky is very very very adorable .
I wish I have a puppy at home too
but my parents wouldn't allow me to
because they know that I'll abandon it after awhile .
Anyways , looking at other people's pet is always cuter .

Catch up alot with the boys , tho.

Yuyu's saxaphone . Don't play play ar, that bloody thing cost near to 4k .

I tried blowing it and it's so hard to blow the sound out.

Then people stopped dotaing and squeeze in the room.
They bullied the poor puppy because he's too noisy.


Got home by 1130pm and emo-ed the night till 3am
then stomach ache during 4 or 5am.
I remember cos I was looking at the clock .
Vomited twice and finally got to sleep around 7am.
It kills me like crazy , stupid stomach or intestine or whatever -.-

Skipped school the next day.
Escaped from getting homework ;)

Just thought it would be a very fine day for me yesterday
but someone just have to ruined it .
I was about to calm down but that particular person
just have to make me feel mad again.
And till now, I still waiting for a 'sorry' .
I bet that person doesn't even realise that I'm mad.
Bendan ):

Slammed a phone call then offed my phone
then go to bed . fuck it , like seriously.

Woke up around 11pm , then headed to sunway around 12pm
or maybe later. Was walking alone then found , Aliya and people
then more people came and then we left and everything.
Shit, I don't remember D:

Ate subway.
Spot a angmo mix chinese fella .
Bloody hot , can !

Okay, we girls was staring like mad .

Then headed off to tutti fruiti for dessert .
Did some shopping and everything .
I need more cash to do shopping like seriously.
I was so jealous choosing clothes for other people.
ish -.-

Mr Tan was at Kitschen with his wife
and he look very happy ;)
Good husband good husband .

Have nando's for dinner and then people left.
Stone at naeb , shisha till 930pm then home.

Okay, ZhiWei texted me just to remind me something :)
Woah , so sweet of you and now only she know how
to appreciate me =p

I'm too lazy to list out the people who went lar.
It's like so many of them and I can barely remember.
Didn't really have to mood to fix my ugly face today.
I feel so sick and lazy , today.

And I 'stole' these pictures from Aliya's blog.
I didn't ask for permission , okay
so it's stealing ;)

Hope you won't mind, aliya .

Fugly face. Photoshop straight kong when I wanna fix my face but too bad, Idk how to use it and never wanna try to .


but i like this pic : )

So, are you fine with today's post.
I know it's not special and everything
but at least, I blog right !

When I stop blogging , then only you miss me :)
Never plan to stop blogging unless I'm gone.
Just joking. I still wanna annoy you people .

Anyway ,
I think people who hit people's soft part
is a coward and loser because they have nothing
to say or fight back so they just hurt people
with things that they don't want to remember
by reminding them .

Well, it's up to them anyway .

It's like gonna be 4am already,
I better go to bed now .

And bloody hell ,
I couldn't wait for CNY =D


p.s Don't wanna give in , this time .