Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wake me up when September ends.

Sorry for the long hiatus. 

September has been a roller coaster month for me. Everything that is happening this month went to the other side of the extreme scale, and I went out of grip. Everything went out of control. Everything went wrong. It gives me a mental breakdown when I realized that things which I planned according to the month before en routing to another chapter of life , goes wrong. However, I slowly pick up the pieces of the mess and put them in order again. 

I am so glad that I patiently arranged the mess and not give up. So eventually, things went to the correct path as it should be. Well things are not always going to perfect. The only thing left for me to battle was my feelings and emotions. It sound a little more difficult than it should be, but I am keeping the positive mind. We all need more good vibes in life.

This month , I battled with time - and I've win over because things goes as it should. But I've lose something that mean so much to me too. Well now, I am starting to think if I've actually win over time. I must be silly - because we will always lose to time. 

We can't deny that life accelerates pretty quick, isn't it? 

Whatever it is,  I am in the UK now.