Friday, February 4, 2011

Your lipstick stains.


I wanted to update about duckie's dinner at empire hotel but I'm feeling real lazy. I load a few videos of

this fella.

And so , my blogging mood got killed. CNY was just a so so this year and I didn't really receive alot of angpows. I need money and I'm waiting for my dad's one tho. Must be a daebak :D I thought I will go through my CNY with leopard prints but thankgod, all the last minute shopping helped if not my parents would split me into half or ask me to live in jungle. pft );

And it doesn't change the fact that,
leopard print is sexy (;

I hope that school wouldn't reopen as I really love holidays. I have so many things to do this year. I need to learn how to drive , study for spm , then think about my future. And not forgetting to plan a year end trip with my friends. I really want to go to Korea tho.

And just nothing much,
I just wanna breathe in the air they breathe , eat the things they eat , buy the stuff they use and wear and then try to be independent. I do not wanna follow tour and squeeze all my time together. I just wanna walk around and look at their life especially experience the night shopping there at Dongdaemun. Just imagine in the morning 3am, you're going shopping with your friends. It's the coolest thing ever. Ah, I do hope my parents would allow me to go tho!

As for the 'they' I'm talking about ,
it's SS501 JungMin, KyuJong , HyungJun,UKISS Kevin ,FT ISLAND Jonghun , 2PM Nichkhun,Junsu AND...... it goes on.

I know that MOST of them are plastic but it doesn't matter as long as they look good now, the past is the past. ngehehhe :D

Great!, the video is done loading.


And also,
receive lots of angpaos! :D