Friday, February 18, 2011

Secret , you're my secret.

How long since I've been here.
I've been signing in the blogshop's one often
and I almost abandon here but oh well,
it's different.

I'm starting to worry nao.
It's still under a critical condition.
This feeling sucks and I'm so tired
and annoyed nowadays until Idk what to do.

Throws those things aside,
I've been very busy.

And also ,
exam's around the corner and I don't
even know anything. I am starting
to be panick nao.

Tuesday was a public holiday
and so , I went out with ze twins and others.
I've to bring Chloe along since noone
will be at home.

Ah this girl ,

Just so you know,
it runs in the blood. :p

reach there around 1045am
and , was the earliest like wtf.
I've never been the earliest.
I'm always the latest , things change :p

walked into The Apartment ,
stoned for awhile then walk out.

Went to Cineleisure ,

take note at the woman loacted between me and lisa, she pouting for the camera. like omgwtfbbq, dman freaky can!

picture of the day

don't ask.

Went to italinnies for lunch and have a good talk.
Walk around and then got home by 4.
Stop by Pyramid , brought a bag at asian avenue.
Satisfied! :D

And then sis and I got our ass off to LRT station
to get to KL.


And look at the picture below.

the guy -.-

I asked my sis to take a picture of me
and that guy perasan that we're taking a picture of him
then he gave us a i-am-so-gonna-keeel-you-if-you-take-my-pic
stare and he was freaking us out for the whole fifteen minutes.
And he very smelly !

Went over to my relative's hse and have dinner.

Today in school!

In a camwhore mood.

Was having double period of english
and slept. Teacher woke up me
and I tried to stay awake.
Couldn't stand it and so, I went to the toilet
and camwhore -.-

sho sleepy! :O

Achi came in and saw me sitting on the sink.
She was like O.O her eyeballs almost pop out,
I tell you. I then faster get back to class.
I feel alot better after that.

In physics lab,
twwwiiinnnnnns :p

vonnie! best picture ever.

Just like another usual friday .
Went out for lunch and so,
I didn't get to the bank.
I wanted to get a card for myself.
I wonder how does it feel like having a card :o

Got home around 330pm


find out that,

Park Jung Min's not alone album have arrived !

Sister lied to me and say that ,
it would be 3 weeks later.

Omo, the album is just right beside me right nao .
And it's only freaking 49 bucks!
You couldn't find it in Msia!

They don't even have UKISS original album in Msia.
like omgwtfbbq.

The contents is awesome,
alot of postcards and stuff.

I'll make another post for it soon.
Perhaps tmr?

Kenot la! must brag about it alot!

Was trying to copy one of his postcards. The emo + scary feeling kind of thing.

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p.s I hope whatever I'm feeling right now is just an illusion. If it is , why is the left side of my chest feeling uncomfortable. );