Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you think you can , you can.

I love my pink leopard print dress so much
although I've already bought it like 5 months ago.
I have no chance to wear it so I've decided to
keep for CNY.

I'm excited for CNY because I could get angpaos
and also, I could wear this dress. ngehehe .

This year CNY was just a so so compared to
last year. Last year's one was crazily awesome.
Perhaps maybe the mood isn't here this year
plus, the holidays was abit of cut off the mood
since it only started on Wednesday .
Although I skipped Tuesday , but still it's different.

Nineth day of CNY today.
Need to stay up late later tho. D:

Let's start with reunion dinner.

This off shoulder top was one of my
CNY clothes two years back.
I just got it out of nowhere
from my closet so yeah.

And also,
the big eye effect contact lens.

Make up free woohoo!

It's different this year.

We used to have homemade dinner every reunion dinner
but this year, we went all the way to Serdang for seafood.
We took up two tables and yes, it was all good.

The restaurant was so packed
and it was kind of stuffy since it's raining
and we're sitting outdoor.
But overall, it's awesome.

Isabel :D

Around 4months old ,
couldn't get enough of her big eyes (;

Got home , played cards .
Go online till late night and before I sleep,
I stared at my closet for a few moment.
I was thinking ,
where the hell did these piles of clothes came from.

I really couldn't remember
when did I actually bought them.
But it's a good thing , more clothes right.

Then the first day ,

Woke up round eleven .
Then, drank a few cups of water.

Idk why, I always feel thirsty
when I just got up from my sleep.
It's like I'm so lack of water kind of thing.

Dolled up, fake eyelashes.
I used to think fake eyelashes is for lalas.
And nao, I change my mind :D hehehe.

camwhoooreeee (;

red nails?

Went to the temple , pray pray
and then have lunch there.
Back home and relatives came .

After two hours or so,
we went to our great grandmother's place
to pai nian!

Back home around 6.
Have steamboat for dinner.

Day twoo,
Woke up at eleven , got dolled up.

Few relatives came over.

And had dinner..



at mamak.

sunway hotel!

one of the twin.

People say ALL koreans do plastic surgery.
And yes, I couldn't deny that they do
even My JungMin but yeah , does it even matter
whether they're plastic or not?

Their outer looking may change but it's impossible
for them to change themselves inside right.
It would be cool if they could plastic their personalities too -.-

Oh well,
I don't get why people give that kind of look
to those people who does plastics.

They did it to build up their confidence
and to hope that it could change their fate.

Not every hot or handsome korean guy does
plastic. Maybe 98% of them did ,
but I've found one that never did.
His looks is close to perfect.
He could even beat Wuzun down already!

Annyeong , JongHun-ssi!

Look at those features!
None of them are plastic.
Unless he plastic since young -.-

He's from FT Island , leader somemore.
Who say HongGi very hot har har har?!
Take a look at JongHun man!



so cute omg.

and my favorite picture of JongHun,


JongHun, you're on my list nao! :D