Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't stop Can't stop!



Third day of CNY today
and believe me or not, I didn't go out.
And I'm stuck with dad's new blackberry storm.
I'm trying to learn how to deal with BB
and thus, I passed my iphone to my dad.

Oh great, noone can contact me nao.
hahahahaha , sien can die!

I'm here to blog bout duckie's dinner.

Like yeah, like finally.
Because I really have nothing to do nao.

I'm munching on fried seaweeds nao , hmmm good!


90% of the pictures below is my face.

I think I'm buying this hoodie.


I know the price is okay but still , I think
it would be cheaper in korea. So yeah.
I'm still buying it since I'm MRS PARK.

Bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep ohhhh :D

Start getting ready around 545pm at home ,
on monday and tried so hard to put on full
fake falshies but fail.

So I cut it off and stick half of it only at the end of my eye.

Put on new contact lens from BlinkCon.
Big eye effect! woohoo. 230bucks for 3 months, oh well -.-
It killed me.

Camwhored otw to empire.

this picture is abit zz ..

I was trying to act cute pft.

And pics before we left,

Went up to a restaurant at empire hotel.
The surrounding was pretty ,
quite suitable for candle light dinner.
And most of all, it's only 34 bucks!

Of course,
there isn't alot of food varieties like tenji or jogoya.
Overall, it was all good lah!
Since it's only 34bucks! :D:D:D

First picture of the day , at the balcony.

Look at that charlyee!

And then it's eating time.

The lamb chop was good.

I was nagging -,-

She was complaining about her lamb chop .
She couldn't cut it so yeah!

future singer man.

SS picture took by idk who.
All I rmb was,

beh tahan :p




All of us turn all SS
and go take picture with the big white piano there.

It's so pretty.

Just imagine a handsome dude playing a song
and sing live for you in that piano
with a white suit white pants and white shoes.
And of course with a killer smile ! :D

Since there's no hot guy
so self service lah D:


Then girls and I pose like as if we're taking
pictures for a poster or something.



Non stop camwhoring!

fishieeeee blooop :D


Then to the toilet
since it's so pretty and camwhorish.

MG , We were inside for at least half an hour.

Let the pictures do the talking.


more in fb~

sook -.-

pretty red chair in toilet!

then outside of the toilet,

Like seriously,
Why can't we just leave toilets alone~!

it've been long~

birthday girl!

headed to empire and walk around.

yeah. toilet again!

Although it's short but yeah, it was great.

I'm not sure about other people but it's nice for me tho!

More of this please!