Sunday, February 20, 2011

Take a bullet straight through my brain.

Shooooo ,

I'm here to brag :p

But before that , let me post up a few pictures of myself.

It was a camwhore day that day so I think I took around 40+ over pictures with the skeleton top. I love it so much , I think I should buy one for myself from Raqul Reed.

oh, where's the like button! :D

SS, can die.

So one fine friday after school , I came home with a super duper vuper exhausted feeling hitting on my bones. I was so tired that I actually lie on my bed with my uniform on. Poor bed D: And then , my sis was like " EH , YOUR PARK JUNG MIN." then throw. I was like


So, I was holding it like some treasure that cost a few million and then start to flip over it then get all excited like a kid that just get a lollipop. It feels like , I'm seeing him in real but.. Okay, i dont even know how to express it.

I've been waiting for like a month plus for this album to ship from Korea.

Oh well,
I just have to brag about it because it's from Korea wtf.

Camwhore Camwhore first ,

Just so you know ,
Park Jung Min's concept for this album was emo , tired and lonely. So I just have to wear black and then look emo to match with it. Look at those eyebags, omgwtfbbq.

Look at the shiny part, ngehehehe :D

Inside ,
p.s I never really like take all the contents cos I was too lazy , ngehehe :D

Okay , that's only one picture.

Come my house only I show you, ngehehehhe :D


You see how dark the eyeliner is. Oh well , that's the emo , tired and lonely feeling. I should put more eyeliner instead pftt.


JungMinlove is really very ); AHHH, SO SEXY :D

And , very

(means cute)

And ,
I just have to

picture of the day!

I seriously like the skeleton top alot omg :D

Oh , this album totally makes my day :D

And also,

you , jungminnie :)

Who's going to UKISS fan meeting anyways ? :D

tell me .