Monday, March 15, 2010

My first love broke my heart for the first time.

Was suppose to update ytd but then, my internet died
on me after I upload the first five pictures ytd.
It pissed me off like crap and then I just off my comp
and then went downstairs and watch tv .

I spend like mad these few days
and great , now I am so broke .

Okay , let's start .
I'm so lazy to do introduction .

Saturday , 13 March

Was out with Mingli & ZhiWei.
Wait for ZhiWei for quite a long time .
She's always late , gr.

Was suppose to eat Zen sushi since Mingli wanted to.
But then, there's no place so she booked for dinner.
So we went to Kenny Roger's.


The meal was okay
but then, the meal almost kill us.
We were so full till we can't walk.

Rest for awhile then walk around .

My heels was killing me , no joke
and I've got two blisters.
It hurts me like mad.

Ze bitch.

Likey :)

Likey :)

Mingli sho cute =p

Have a really great time shopping tho.
I bought quite alot of stuffs
and there goes money .

ZhiWei left half way when I was trying on
the clothes in Nichii .
I was like half-naked and she came in and hug
me then left -.-
Typical ZhiWei tsk tsk.

Met up with KahMing and the rest at The Joint.
A new shisha place discover by them
and yeah, It was kinda good .
Played cards with them
then decided to go for dinner at Zen.

But there's no place for 6 of us
so we have to go to other place.
MingLi was kinda upset tho.
It's okay , next time :)

Settled down at Sushi King
and omg, I odered some set
and it sucks like crap .

KahMing (:

His second time in Sushi King
and the first time he had Yakult is with us.
Am serious .

Went to Forever 21 with Mingli to get her dress
but then, the ribbon kinda spoil
so end up, she didn't get it .
Send her off then went to Naeb and stone there.
Home around 9pm .

Stayed up till 4am , for nothing.
Was expecting something but , nevermind -.-

Sunday , March 14

Woke up kinda early .
Watched Romantic Princess on tv.
Got ready and out of the house around 1145 or so.

camwhore :)

Meet up with some of the classmates
and then went to toilet .

Girls in the toilet ..

Sorry to potong okay .
Solo first Solo first.


Yes, 3 of them wear the same kind of shirt .


After everyone came ,
we went over to the cinema to get tickets
and hell , the placing was suck like mad
but we have no choice but to take it.
We sat separately btw

Couldn't make up where to have lunch
so someone decided to eat porridge
and there we go , for porridge.
Among 12 of us, 11 of us ordered soya bean
Soya Bean is (L)

Stole ShihNing's fishcake xD

Pictures ?

FongKhei spoiler !

We wasn't ready and we were laughing .


We were like blocking the way

Boys -.-

Like .

So we decided not to take pictures in the middle of
the road and beside/outside of the porridge shop.
We went in a corner and saw Icecream

It's like so weird , taking with the icecream.
Aiyo TT

prefer this :)

Febri :)



We we kinda walk around aimlessly
then rush to the cinema around 145.

Got popcorns and drinks.
Went in the cinema
and have to sit separately.

Watched Alice in Wonderland
and I think it's awesome .
I likey =D

I've no idea why Febriana was so kanjiong
when they were fighting.
She grabbed my hand and squeeze it like
mad and made me feel so kanjiong also.
Both of us was like OMG OMG OMG .
Freaking annoying, can.

Met up with XiuMing and neighbour.

Shop for the girls and choose dresses
for them for charity dinner.
Unfortunately , only YoongChii got one.

Before they go home,

Walked around with a few and was complaining
like mad. I wanted 1901 and McD's apple pie
and I have a really good plan to get both
but then,some people just don't want to cooperate.

It pissed me off like mad
but then, I still got both of them .
Happy kid :)

Overall , it was great.
Had quite alot of fun with classmates.
Let's make it everytime after exams
or during holidays . :)

Home around 730pm.

Out to Summit today .
Managed to get a few goods
and all satisfied .

Total damage for these 3 days : 683 bucks.

God ,

My mood just gone .


p.s Why is it so hard to talk to you nowadays.Stop showing your temper to me, okay.I may pretend like it doesn't matter to me but, it does.Everything does and no, I'm not gonna repeat myself again. You see whether I care.The thing is , I care.Sigh, you don't know how it feels like.I hate you , like mad now TT