Monday, March 8, 2010

Just if you can be the same everyday , everything will be so much easier ,

Connection's like shit nowadays .
My computer always disconnected from my modem
and I can only go on facebook through my phone.
Thankgod, got wifi if not can die TT

Okay, where to start TT

Saturday night Saturday night .

Everyone was called to go for a dinner for
the twins birthday celebration.
There's one thing about my family,
Someone's birthday, everyone must go dinner
all together and all of us need to squeeze in a table.

No Klang seafood this time .
We went to a place near old airport without aircond
and mosquito everywhere , gr .

Otw there.

Flash sucks sometimes.

Finally settle down .

camwhore :)

And those people sitting next table, stared at me TT

And after dinner , we just get into the car for some aircond.
Then those adults, talk for a very long time out there.
How could they actually stand those mosquitoes .

Reached home by errrrrr , 11pm ?

And those cakes is really pretty .

Mango :)

Chocolate ?

Freaking pretty, can.

And twins are really adorable =p

I likey

The cakes were alright , I guess.
IDK. I didn't eat the chocolate one but it looks pretty
so it must be alright .

Sleep real late that night .

Yesterday .

Woke up around ten or so.
Then watch tv and after that got ready to Pyramid.
Since Nicklaus is gonna fetch me from there
to ou for Kevan's surprise party .

And, Nicklaus took quite a long time to reach.
After that, we waited for ChinKeat
and finally set off to ou .

Met the others up at ou ,
then wait for Kevan to come
and his reaction was like...normal?

It's okay. He's always emotionless but I guess he was surprised .

Finally catch up with Bryan.
It've been long since I talk to him ,as in looooong.

Pictures do the talking.

He gave a speech and we sang him a song

and the moment , he opened up the present the boys bought for him .


He was like WTF , WHY THIS ?!


Then they keep forcing him to carry it .

Grabbed from fb .

He seriously carried the chipmunk everywhere
and that thing is so fluffy :) as in very very soft .
Okay, what am I saying .

After that , we went over to the cinemas to get tickets
for movies and I spot a very cute purple heels over there
and they stopped me from looking at it ):

Chloe :)

Kevan's birthday present :)

Got tickets ,went over to arcade
and the arcades sucks compare to Pyramid's one.
After awhile , we went into the cinema
and GSC's sits is really comfy .

Watched Solomon Kane and I don't even understand a thing.
As usual, popcorn fight with Bryan and Nicklaus was annoyed
since he's sitting inbetween us .
And, he keep asking me to shut up when I'm trying to talk to him.
Aiyo, the movie very boring except for the killing part.

Toilet break .


Adorable .

Quite a number of them left after the movie.
Then a few of us went and bowl .

I bowl once without shoes .
I didn't wanna bowl but then, just give it a try la right.
I used to go bowling like every week with friends
during std5 .

The soft toy :)


Idk how we start gossiping about people .
That's when only me and the boys.
Boys can gossip too , not bad not bad =p

ChinKeat fetched Nicklaus&I home .
Reached around 9pm .

Today .

I hate Mondays .
Not only me hating Mondays okay.

It's hell one of the day because we need to get back our results
and My english's results is really terrible.
If there's no coursework marks, I already fail.
I never failed my english in my life before .
Like first time, wtf and no, I'm not happy
but I'm not sad.It's like I can predict already .

Screw it. Tomorrow will be the worst morning ever.
Physics and then Add Maths.
Escaped from AddMaths results today
since teacher is absent . SIGH LA TT

Screw this so called honeymoon year.

Nevermind, just forget about it.
Will score better next time =D

Monday shirt :)

Couldn't wait for holidays next week.
So, any plans..anyone?

Normally , I have things to do everyday during holidays
but this time, it's like so dead.
I bet everyone don't have mood to plan
after looking at those 'awesome' results .

Okay forget about it .



like, finally (:

Goodnight .

p.s God, just freaking stfu , bitch.
p.p.s You're so unpredictable (: