Friday, January 21, 2011

So I can believe I am not alone.

Just so you know, thrusday was a holiday.

And so, I'm out with classmates.
Oh well, just a random outing.

I got up around 1045am and I am suppose to
be there around 1130am. As usual, we're late.
Yes,WE. not 'I' :D

Got dolled up and camwhored a lil.

not falsies :D

Got there around 1230pm.
Waited at Starbucks then everyone came.

Settled out lunch at Italinnies.
Got my all time favourite Salmon Fettucine . (;

Toilet break.

love the outfit (;

look at the stick man!

sook. (;

Pictures in the toilet , lmao.

People got to redbox while me,sababy,ning
went around as we wanted to prepare surprise
for Sook And Ming.

We settled off at bread store to get two cakes.
Blackforest and Cheesecake for each of them.
And also, we bought a big hard long bread.
I have no idea, what's the name of it.
Plotted an evil plan last minute
and start laughing out of no where.

(; hehe.

We got a blackforest cake for xiuming randomly
and we brought it into redbox and I bet sook
thought it was for he since her birthday is tmr.
And we could sense a lil bit disappointment in her.
Oh well :D TEN YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP *cough cough*

After two songs or so ,
Ning and sababy went out to get the bread stick
and put a candle on it and let her thing that,
it's her bread. I was outside preparing the cake
so I do not know her reaction at all.
I heard that , she was trying hard to smile. LOL.

And then we finally brought in her cake.

And I guess, she looks happy ?

Sang her a birthday song .
Well, we sang it twice.

The stupid bread stick she holding. LOL.


She's happy.

Ah, she better be.

If people give me that bread thing for my bday,
I would straight hit them with it or cry in the toilet.
That's so freaking sad okay!

Sang our lungs out till six.
Then went around to walk for a while.

Bought 2 skirts for 30bucks and
a leopard print bag for 29bucks.
The bag was at discounted price.
Since I'm a big fan of leopard print,
I nod my head without thinking.

Sat down somewhere and talked.

I got home by ten.

It was a satisfying day tho.


I'm left with 70bucks in my purse nao.

How did I actually spend my money.
Did I eat it up. pff


p.s I love Park Jung Min like mad nao, Check out 'Not Alone'. (;