Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'd catch a grenade for you.

So , how's school ?

It was boring for me. I've noone to talk to because I got a bad placing and the one who sits infront of me and beside seems to be ignoring me *cough cough* . Ah and the teachers were so different and they talked so much, I envy them.

Spm Spm Spm Spm Spm,
that's all I've heard and they keep saying A A A A A A A A A . Omg, when I heard SPM and A , I get goosebumps already. D:

Have been spending time shopping for stuff.

i like nude lipsticks!

otw to pavi.

bought a jumpsuit from cotton on with only 49 bucks. It was the best buy of the day. Got fake eyelashes to apply during cny to have better eyes. hehe (;

And spend new year's eve with friends at subang parade then ou then pyramid then the joint.

dinner at dragon-i

got sprayed and sprayed others. Wore white so it camouflage :D It was so sticky! Mingli stayed till 3am and went home.

Year 2011 , better be awesome .