Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'll be back , after you call my name.

Oh daaaaaaamn (;

I feel so alive again.
My internet died on me for the past two weeks
and seriously, I've been going out everyday
with my family to pass time
and so it also means that,
I didn't do my homework.

So ,
it's so unproductive.

You have no idea how much I missed youtube.
My dongho , kyuoppa and calbaby.
Mg, I can only see them on my iphone.
It's okay , I'm gonna have them all on the screen
tonight :D *wolve howl*

I've got quite a number of pictures so,
I'm squeezing it in this post .

The last day for us to wear orange.
I really do like this orange alot ,
it's so comfy and nice.
I rather look like a fat carrot
than a fat golfhouse member.

And another I went for thai massage
after shopping at pavillion.
All of us was so exhausted after
a whole day of CNY shopping.

Massage was good.


This is scary but oh well, this is the black clothes . They want us to change to. I got freaking freaked out when that thai women took off my bra. Pssttt.

Flasssh D:

And yeah , it was 90 minutes
and it cost me 144bucks.
I think it's not worth it at all.
But going to massage is awesome (;

And just another random outing with friends.
No pictures tho.


On the 11th was ze bitch's seventeen
but I didn't wish her or have any interactions with her.
She got her heart broken and went emo.
Texted me to check whether I'm still alive or so.
I didn't reply.

And I guess, the surprise was awesome.
Last year's one was so screwed.
Better be happy, friend.


Successfully surprised her in redbox.

and sing our ass off (;

toilet break.

I tip toe-d .

Shopped our ass off.
And guess what,
I got nothing wth ==


I seriously have no idea why we always have picture in FOS.

And Mondays ,

Woke up an hour earlier , idk why.


I don't go like : I'M SO UGLY -.- because it's so fake. If it's ugly, why post up.

And some other day at school

CNY is near and seriously, I couldn't wait for it.
Cny shopping is awesome.
I need to get some bags , shoes and accessories.

I think I need to recolour my hair.

Update soon.

Carmen's back (;