Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stop Stop Stop.

Was suppose to update ytd but internet was really very slow so I got pissed off and went to sleep. And it's friday ytd , I love fridays (;

How many days to CNY?

Can't wait to wear new clothes and get more money. Just so you know, I'm currently lack of money and this sucks a big time. Pfft, oh well.

Just the other day otw to the curve.

I camwhore inbetween classes. Teachers is really boring and I don't do homeworks. I guess I'll fail in life. I go to school , feel sleepy then walk around , disturb my friends and wait for the time to pass. It's so unproductive. To be honest, I don't even get a thing into my head. I guess I'll actually fail everything if my tuition teacher don't exist. I have the coolest tutor ever (;


I know that it's the last year of highschool or whatever shit but I couldn't stop thinking about driving , after spm and things. And also, I really do not have mood to study. I'm feeling so tired everyday especially in the morning, it's annoying .

I'm always moody during weekdays pft.

I went out today .

No make up , no nice bags and never dress up. Just got from my closet and off we go. Meet up at XiuMing's place, see her new room and then straight lie on her bed. Okay, that makes me want a new bed too.

Got to Taipan , visited a few boutique. bought a lil clothes then headed to Summit. And omo, everything there is incredibly cheap and I could feel the kiamsiap-ness inside me is coming out because after I bought something cheap, everything seems so expensive. If you get what I mean. I wish I could have unlimited cash man.

Have thai steamboat dinner and I think it's expensive.

I so kiamsiap! );

And got home around 1030pm.

I'm feeling quite annoyed because I couldn't find my belt but looking at my goods, Ah :D:D

Life's awesome nao! (;