Sunday, April 4, 2010

And I'm in pieces , baby fix me.

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday, again -.-
3 days of holiday just gone like that .
Wait, is it even called a holiday .

I've not been going out lately because I'm really broke.
Plus, I don't have time tho .
I kinda regretted taking another tuition.
If like this, I only have limited time .
I'll only get back home around 8 something
and maybe I'll have another tuition by then.
I'm not sure , it's like so , havoc?

Why do I feel like , time is having a race with me or something?!
Gosh, this feeling sucks like mad .

Yesterday was plain annoying.
Yes , it annoy the crap out of me
and I feel so mad till when over and search for a punching bag.
it's omgwtfbbqitpissedmeofflikemad .
if you get it -.-

Suffered the whole afternoon
and finally it gets better in the evening .

Out to dinner for Grandpa's 67th birthday.

Went to some new restaurant which have aircond everywhere.
Everyone was freezing like mad and first time, most of us
is drinking hot chinese tea .

Had really good chinese food .

Left the place around ten or so.
Back home , then

Chocolate cake .
And yeah, I ate. Chocolate is .. zzz

Come Come Come.
I let you see my ahkong, he very cute one.
His birthday is on the 6th.
I've no idea why they wanna celebrate earlier tho.

My ahkong shoooooooo cuteee one (:

Like (:

I told you that my ahkong sho cute already lor xD

As usual, the kids are fighting over to blow the candles.
I mean like, who doesn't like to blow candles right?

Like :)

His saliva was all over the cake , I swear.

I suck.

I really suck ):

No make up, can die.

I really hate to be alone , sometimes.I tend to think too much.I know things wouldn't happen but there's something in me that tells me , it will happen. I need many people to actually remind me that things would be alright.I need someone to tell me 34732042748 a day so that I won't forget.I used to have one person to actually remind me but I chased that person away.No, I'm not regretting doing that because I know it's for our own good.I never plan to look for new one tho. If someone would like to be the one, they will come not me looking for them.

I am not as strong as you think , stop telling me that it's a compulsory for me to help myself.I have feelings too. I cry when I'm sad. I shout when I'm mad. I do stupid things when I gone crazy. I'm not strong , I'm not denying. I show the weakest part of me to you because you have a very high placing in my heart and of course, I thought you would cared.I hate it when you think that everything is okay when it's okay. Sometimes , my best friend couldn't even read my mind.Like seriously , best friend? WOW?

I'm not mad , I'm disappointed.
Yes , I am complaining.

I don't hide my feelings and you people know it. I show when I'm sad , mad or whatsoever.Everything is written on my face.Don't just make it worse when I'm already down.I may sound like I'm a spoil brat or some bitch that couldn't think straight but, I don't care. I really don't care. I have my own reasons why am I acting like this. Stop letting me down , like seriously. Everytime you people say you would come back for me but actually you people just went far away and forget about me.If you don't have any intentions coming back then why the hell you people ask me to wait?! I don't have so much time to wait and to get sad when I'm disappointed okay.

Don't say you're done trying when you didn't even try. Don't say you're sorry when you don't even know what are you suppose to feel sorry about. Don't talk bullshits that you think would help when it doesn't even help at all. Don't tell me that I can do it , I can get over it or this kind of things because I, myself know that I couldn't even take it so why are you trying to tell out my feelings for me? You don't even understand , friend(s) .

Stop complaining about my other friends to me.You all are all equal to me.Stop comparing yourself to them, you are who you are and I love you for who you are. Don't compare to them and everyone of you are different to me.I don't want you ending up thinking that I don't like you anymore when I meet new ones. Stop feeling insecure , you're awesome. Stop insulting my other friends , they're awesome in their own way too. I don't want to ask you to shut the fuck up.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Forget about it, I'm just crazy.